America’s Cup: Reading the tea leaves

Published on March 19th, 2021

Jack Griffin, who closely follows America’s Cup activity with his CupExperience publication, senses a new plan for the next edition. With the Royal Yacht Squadron Racing (GBR), represented by INEOS TEAM UK as the Challenger of Record for AC37, Griffin shares what he is hearing…

There have been rumors of these two teams holding an America’s Cup with no other challengers in the UK next year. This would be good for everyone, including all the teams who expect to challenge for a Match in 2024. Here’s how it could work:

The announcements would go something like this:

• There will be a multi-challenger AC in 2024 in a venue to be announced.
• It will be sailed in AC75’s, with some improvements described in a new version of the AC75 Class Rule.
• The Constructed in Country requirement will be relatively easy to meet, a bit like the rule for the AC50’s in 2017. New challengers from any country will be able to buy and compete in any of the existing AC75’s, and build a new one.
• There will be an AC Match in 2022 on the Solent, under mutual consent, between INEOS Team UK and Team New Zealand.
• The loser of the 2022 match will immediately present a challenge for the following, multi-challenger match, in the expectation of being the CoR for the 2024 match.
• A term sheet for the protocol for 2024 will be released in the coming weeks, allowing prospective challengers to know the conditions.
• Around the 2022 event will be wonderful hospitality opportunities for prospective challengers to entertain and woo sponsors and major donors.
• The new version of the AC75 Class Rule, to be used in 2024, will be available by the end of 2021.
• A design package will be available to prospective challengers.
• A design symposium will be held during the 2022 event, to help 2024 challengers come up to speed.

I hope this is relatively on target. It would be a masterstroke!

America’s Cup Match Scoreboard (wins-losses)
Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL): 7-3
Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team (ITA): 3-7

Advancing as the winner of the PRADA Cup, the Italian challenger faced the Kiwi defense in the best of 13 series. After the postponement due to government COVID-19 health regulations, the 36th America’s Cup Match racing schedule had two races per day planned for March 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, and each day after that until the first team had won seven races.

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