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SCUTTLEBUTT 3594 - Friday, May 18, 2012

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It is on Friday, May 18th which will mark the anniversary of the death of
Hans Horrevoets, the Dutch sailor who was swept overboard while racing on
ABN AMRO TWO during the transatlantic crossing in 2005-06 Volvo Ocean Race.

Six years on, Horrevoets' wife Petra van Rij has launched a book about her
life with Hans and the effects of his death on their young family, called
'Yesterday, everything was good', while former colleagues have spoken about
the popular Dutchman, as well as the constant concern they feel about
similar accidents.

Mike Sanderson, who was skipper of ABN AMRO TWO's sister boat ABN AMRO ONE,
said Leg 7 of the current race, across the Atlantic from Miami to Lisbon,
would be a poignant one.

"Out of respect, out of grief, we will all be thinking about Hans on this
next leg," said Sanderson, who is skippering Team Sanya in this race.
Looking through the crews there's someone on nearly every boat who was
directly affected by his loss. The whole Volvo family was pretty beaten. It
was the biggest tragedy in our era of the Volvo Ocean Race."

Horrevoets, then 32, was the fifth and most recent sailor to be killed
while competing in the race's 39-year history, following the loss of Paul
Waterhouse, Dominique Guillet and Bernie Hosking in the inaugural race in
1973-74, and Tony Phillips in 1989-90.

Horrevoets was on deck trimming the yacht's sails when the boat nose-dived
into a wave at 25 knots, sweeping him into the water in the early hours of
May 18, 2006, around 1,300 nautical miles west of Land's End, UK. -- Read

HISTORY: The 2005-6 race was the first edition for the VO70s, which were
fraught with problems on the early legs. The loss of Hans occurred on the
transatlantic leg from New York to Portsmouth, UK:

SCHEDULE: The Pro-Am Race is on May 18, the In-Port Race is on May 19, and
the 3590 nm Leg 7 from Miami to Lisbon, Portugal begins on May 20:

Video reports:
Race website:

BROADCAST: The YouTube stream will begin around 12:40pm EDT (local time)
for both the PortMiami In-Port Race on Saturday, May 19 and the Leg 7 Start
on Sunday, May 20:
Leg 7 start:

Venice, ITA (May 17, 2012) - Youth and experience won on the opening day at
the America's Cup World Series in Venice, Italy. Team Korea's Nathan
Outteridge (AUS), at 26 years old one of the youngest skippers in the
fleet, won the first fleet race. Then, Loick Peyron (FRA), 52, rallied his
team for a come-from-behind win in race two to top the day's leaderboard.

"Look at that! Beautiful weather in Venice, snow on the mountains, and
Energy Team (FRA) at the top of the mountain today," said an effervescent
Peyron following his win. "The team did a tremendous job as usual. We still
made mistakes, but a few less mistakes than the others, which is how you

As Peyron indicated, it was beautiful racing weather in Venice on Thursday.
The sea breeze was in the 8 to 11 knot range, under crystal clear, sunny
skies. Not surprisingly given the conditions, the local spectator fleet was
out in force to enjoy the competition.

Overall AC World Series leader Jimmy Spithill (AUS) and his Oracle Team USA
crew had a difficult day in the fleet racing Thursday, posting an 8-4
scoreline to sit in seventh place on the leaderboard. Kiwi Dean Barker's
Emirates Team New Zealand, second in the overall Series, wasn't able to
take full advantage, underperforming their own high expectations in fourth
place, just three points clear of Spithill.

In the opening races of the Match Racing Championship, China Team was
eliminated in a one race qualifying match by Oracle Team USA - Bundock
(Darren Bundock, AUS). Then, all of the Quarter Final pairings were 2-0
sweeps with Energy Team, Artemis Racing (Terry Hutchinson, USA), Oracle
Team USA Spithill, and Luna Rossa Piranha (Chris Draper, GBR) advancing to
the Semi Finals. -- Full report:

Broadcast details for Friday through Sunday:

Over 60 Audi Melges 20's participated in this year's Winter Series of
events. The class Audi Melges 20 continues to grow internationally allowing
Melges Racers to experience exciting racing in North America and in Europe.
Race to to check out regattas, photos and the latest
information. New boats are already being built for next season's Winter
Series! --

(May 17, 2012) - For the first time in the history of the America's Cup,
young, talented sailors have a clear pathway towards competing for one of
the most prestigious trophies in sport. The Red Bull Youth America's Cup,
with details announced today, opens the door for young sailors to gain the
experience they need to contribute to a Cup team.

In addition to national teams, there will also be a team representing the
San Francisco Bay Area, as host city. "This is an amazing opportunity for
young Bay Area sailors," said world champion Kite Board racer Johnny
Heineken, who was featured at today's San Francisco celebration. "Not only
will there be a Team USA, but also a Team San Francisco Bay. I just wish I
was a year younger!"

The format will be fleet racing, and will take place in the AC45 catamarans
currently used in the America's Cup World Series. The Red Bull Youth
America's Cup is scheduled for August/September 2013, in San Francisco,
during the heart of the 34th America's Cup racing season. -- Full report:

Key Points
* Submission of applications begins July 1, 2012. Entry fee is US $35,000
plus a $25,000 a damage deposit bond.
* A crew of six between 19 and 23 years of age at the time of the event.
Each crewmember must have held a passport of or have been domiciled in the
country of the team for which he/she is sailing for a period of five years
immediately prior to the first scheduled race of the regatta.
* Practice period is 7 days prior to the start of the event, with the race
schedule no more than 7 days.
* Team branding and advertising must be pre-approved by organizers, and may
be displayed on designated areas of crew clothing and designated areas of
the soft sails.

Event notice:

1-(3)-1-3-1-1-1-1-1 = TOTAL DOMINATION
Falmouth, UK (May 17, 2012) - Awesome is an overused word, but today it
doesn't really come close to adequately describe the performance of Ben
Ainslie (GBR) on day five of the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Finn Gold Cup
in Falmouth. In the toughest, roughest conditions that much of the fleet
have sailed in for many years he took three race wins and is now within a
whisker of his sixth Finn World title. Ainslie now holds just 13 points, a
31 point margin over Ed Wright (GBR) in second while Jonas Hogh-Christensen
(DEN) moves up to third.

The morning forecast was somewhat daunting as the fleet set out under the
threat of 30 knots winds and big seas by the afternoon. Three races were
scheduled to make up for those lost on Wednesday, and though 85 boats made
the first start, by the third race there were only 53 boats left on the
water. The wind rose from 15-16 knots for the first race of the day to
20-25 knots in the third, and the wave also built to reach 2-3 metres in
height, providing for some stunning downwind sailing so even those who were
having a bad day were also having a fantastic day.

"It was a pretty big day, amazing conditions," noted Ainslie. "There were
massive waves. It was an amazing day's sailing for everyone I think. It is
not often we race in conditions like that so it was great, I think there
will be a lot of tired sailors but I think most people had a smile on their
face most of the time."

In Friday's medal race, Ainslie just has to finish cleanly to win a sixth
Finn world title. Wright also has to just finish to win the silver. The
real interest is the bronze, where technically any of the next six boats
can take it out of the hand of Jonas Hogh-Christensen (DEN). The medal race
will feature GoPro stern cameras on each of the 10 boats. -- Full report:

HISTORY: There are a several 2-Time World Champs and a couple 3-Time World
Champs, but that's where it stops. Ainslie is alone with five Finn titles,
and he nearly won his sixth in 2011 until a Rule 69 violation put a stop to
it. That type of mistake likely won't happen again, though an all-nighter
with his sweetie Rita could make him miss the start. Past winners:

By Ian Thomson, Ocean Crusaders
As sailors, the ocean is our playground, and for some, it is our office.
Every day we go out on the water we make an impact on our ocean, yet so
many people are unaware of that very impact. So here are some alarming
stats for you:

* There is a garbage patch in the North Pacific containing enough rubbish
to cover Australia 3m deep. There are 4 other garbage patches, one in every
major ocean.
* The world uses 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags every year and it
contributes to 100,000+ marine deaths from plastic suffocation and
entanglement. Add another 1 million sea birds to that figure.
* The world drinks 200 billion liters of bottled water every year,
contributing 20.5 million tonnes of greenhouse gasses to the environment
and using enough oil to fill every bottle of water 25% full of oil. Only
30% of plastic water bottles are recycled around the world.

So if I said to you that the ocean produces 60-80% of the world's oxygen
and that our every day habits are slowly killing it, would it make you
think twice? Yes I am saying that your habits may be risking the very air
we breathe.

So how many of you use plastic water bottles on your boat. Okay, so your
tank water tastes funny so you decide the easiest way to provide water to
your crew is in plastic water bottles. It's easy and convenient right?
Let's look at the stats. First of all why does bottled water have a used by
date? Water doesn't go off or our world would be in trouble. It is simply
because by that date, it is expected that the plastic bottle has leeched
enough toxins into the water to make it toxic to humans, and if you leave
it in the sun you will have experienced that plastic taste.

It is a product known as Bisphenol A (BPA). More and more studies are being
released showing this substance, and other toxins from plastic, are causing
all sorts of health issues including Autism, cancers and ADHD. Then you
have the bottle which you recycle right? Firstly the caps are not
recyclable and only 30% of bottles are sent for recycling with 60% of
America's plastic going to India to be down-cycled (created into products
that can't be recycled. -- Read on:

Members of Quantum's J/Boat Team including Kerry Klingler, Tim Healy and
Scott Nixon have been on the water testing and tweaking Quantum's new J/70
sails to perfect the shapes for peak performance. The team is providing
information and feedback on initial set-up and tuning directly to J/Boats
so customers can hit the water in top-form. The new sail designs feature
high-quality material, long-lasting construction, and large radial patches
in the head and clew. Quantum sails already dominate several of the J/Boat
classes with national and world championships in J/22, J/24, and J/80.
Learn more about the J/70 sails here:

* Barcelona, Spain (May 17, 2012) - Two more races were completed at the
fifth day of the 2012 470 World Championships, with ten races now in the
can. Australians Mathew Belcher/ Malcolm Page now hold a 21 point lead,
while Americans Stu McNay/ Graham Biehl maintain their 18th position by
posting a 11-OCS. On the women's side, a double bullet day by Hannah Mills/
Saskia Clark (GBR) moved them into the lead. A 20-13 by Americans Amanda
Clark/ Sarah Lihan dropped them from 14th to 17th overall. After Friday,
the top ten will advance to the medal race on Saturday. -- Event website:

* Boltenhagen, Germany (May 17, 2012) - In cold but sunny weather with
oscillating winds between 15 and 28 knots, the Audi Women's Laser Radial
World Championship completed two races to close their qualifying series.
Finn Sari Multala dominated the day with a 2-1 to lead the 130 entrants,
with Tania Elias Calles Wolf (MEX) dropping from 11th to 14th after posting
a 12-9. In the under 21 division, American Erika Reineke has now built an
11 point lead. Racing concludes Sunday. - Event website:

* Annapolis, MD (May 17, 2012) - After four races at the Star class Western
Hemisphere Championship, Peter McChesney/ Shane Zwingelberg (USA) have kept
their scores in the top five to build a six point lead over the 31-boat
field. Results:

* CORRECTION: The ISAF Women's Match Race Rankings as of May 16, 2012 in
Scuttlebutt 3593 have been re-released following an ISAF administrative
error. As a result, Team Maclaren led by skipper Anna Tunnicliffe (USA)
retains the top spot. -- Full report:

Some of the random photos from the sport received this week at Scuttlebutt
include the next generation, big rig, before and after, gravity storm, in
phase, gearhead, and shades of yellow. Here are this week's photos:

* Put on your period outfits and take a look at Bob Grieser's photos from
The Yesteryear Regatta in San Diego:

* Photographer Billy Black tracked the fleet of Class40s during the first
leg of The Atlantic Cup from Charleston, SC to New York, NY. Here are some

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS: If you have images to share for the Photos of the
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Sixty-five years before the first English settlement on the North American
continent, eighty years before Mayflower crossed a much smaller ocean to
New England; Spanish seafarers sighted, charted, and made first contact
with the native inhabitants of what would one day be the west coast of the
United States. When the small San Salvador entered the harbor now called
San Diego, the galleon was perhaps the most powerful vessel in the Pacific

A full-sized, fully functional, and historically accurate replica of Juan
Rodriguez Cabrillo's San Salvador is being constructed in full public view,
giving viewers the opportunity to watch from a close perspective as an
example of the first modern industrial activity in the Americas comes to
life before their eyes. Click here for this week's video:

Bonus Videos:
* This week on America's Cup Uncovered Episode 39, get a taste of things to
come in Venice as we look ahead to the start of the America's Cup World
Series Venice May 15-20. We reflect back to fleet racing from Naples which
drew in crowds by the masses, where fans alike witnessed AC45s racing in
Italy for the first time. Then we take to the red carpet at the Emmy Awards
to discover that it is not just the sailors who are winning silverware.
Tune in on Saturday May 16 at approx 0800 PDT 1600 BST:

* The May 18 "World on Water" boating news show features exclusive on-Board
footage on Antipodes the CSA 1A winner at Antigua Sailing Week, Giovanni
Soldini's Maserati Transat record attempt, the Top of the Gulf Regatta,
Thailand, the Star Worlds in Hyeres, the finish of the Volvo Leg 6 in
Miami, Florida and in "Fresh to Frightening" we preview this year's Vendee
Globe single handed round the world race. See it on
at 1000BST, 0500EDT.

* In this regular season finale, Chalk Talk Episode 10 provides a recap of
the ICSA Semifinals, qualifying 18 teams to the ICSA/Gill Coed Dinghy
Nationals in Austin. Get yourself caught up before the Big Show in Texas,
beginning May 30 with ICSA/Sperry Top-Sider Women's Semifinals. View here:

* How's your French? Photographer Leighton O'Connor is in Miami for the
Volvo Ocean Race, and produced a video from his ride onboard the VO 70

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* From Chris Woods:
A follow-up to Craig's comment concerning Pro and Amateur tiers in sports
in Scuttlebutt 3593. While sailors rightly appreciate their frequent
opportunity to compete against professionals, it isn't unique to our sport.
It seems that competitions in most every "participation sport" (vs.
spectator sport) are often "open".

Triathlon, track and field, bike racing (mountain and road), swimming, and
many other sports, regularly incorporate a mix of amateurs and
"professionals" simply due to the inherent elements of finance,
participation and public appreciation.

As in sailing, most every participation sport has many people trying to
improve one or more of those elements and see technology and cultural
changes helping out. And most every sport has an interesting and
surprisingly dynamic history in that regard as well. The NBA in 1962 and
2012? Horse Racing in 1952 and 2012? Triathlon in 1982 and 2012? Sailing in
1972 and 2022?

* From Oscar Gallo:
The stats in Scuttlebutt 3594 indicate there are more deaths from kiting
than sharks. Amazing they put this into Olympics.

* From Gregory Scott:
I watch the kiters from shore and wonder if everyone is watching everyone
else, knowing that most people sailing aren't looking up for kite strings.
But I had an experience which taught me to keep a close eye on these

One day a kite sailor hooked his kite into the one tree on the harboar
breakwater. What a freakin mess! Him stuck to his board and me trying to do
my best to untangle the strings.

I hadn't given any thought to junior sailing programs and kites, but have
to agree with Nvein in Scuttlebutt 3593... any yacht club with a brain will
say no thanks. It's hard enough dealing with boats that float when a squall
goes through.

* From John Oliver, Belize:
Was there a recorded vote on the selection of kiteboarding for the 2016
Olympics? I, and many others, I'm sure, would like to know how each of the
nations voted. For a developing sailing nation, we have to concentrate our
resources, and one of the paths we were considering was windsurfing which
is popular with the visitors at some of our resorts.

EDITOR'S NOTE: It should be stated that the responsibility of the vote
holders is to vote for what are the proper events and equipment for the
Olympic Games, and not for what is best for their country. Here is the vote
as was published by

Incompetence knows no barriers of time or place.

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