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SCUTTLEBUTT 3601 - Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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With a new America's Cup event and a gathering of tall ships headed to
Newport this summer, Rhode Island's 2012 tourist season aims to attract
visitors with a celebration of its nautical heritage.

Next month's America's Cup World Series regatta at Fort Adams State Park is
expected to feature top international sailors competing in catamarans built
for speed and agility. The event is scheduled for June 23 to July 1 and
will include four days of racing.

The World Series races are being held in locations around the globe;
Newport's race will be the final stop before next year's America's Cup in
San Francisco. Newport hosted the America's Cup for decades until 1983.
Hosting one of the World Series events has been a goal since the state
learned it lost a bid to host the 2013 Cup.

The return of the America's Cup brand has special meaning in Newport,
according to Brad Read, executive director of Sail Newport and chairman of
the event's host committee.

"We are one of the biggest and best ports for cruising, racing and marine
events in the world," Read said. "This is important for us, not only
because of the economic implications but also because it reinforces Newport
and Rhode Island as a tourism destination because of our amazing asset:
Narragansett Bay."

Newport's natural setting will again be on display in July, when the
seaside city hosts the Ocean State Tall Ships Festival. The July 6-9 event
will boast at least a dozen vessels including one featured in the movie
"Mutiny on the Bounty."

Although Newport has hosted similar tall ship gatherings before, this
year's event has special significance as it marks the bicentennial of the
War of 1812, according to Erin Donovan, executive director of Ocean State
Tall Ships. The event will be based along Newport's downtown waterfront.
"We made a conscious effort to keep it on the waterfront, close to
restaurants and shops," Donovan said.

Together, the two events are expected to attract hundreds of thousands of
visitors and generate nearly $100 million in spending. -- AP, read on:

AC World Series:
Tall Ships Festival:

When Bill Koch set out to win the 1992 America's Cup, it would take four
boats, more than 260 team members and single-minded determination. David
Rosow was the team's business manager and is a longtime friend of Koch's.

Shortly before the final series of races, the team captain announced that
he would delay the next day's 6 a.m. workout. Team members expected to be
out late at the black-tie America's Cup Ball.

"Bill looked up," recalls Rosow, "and said: 'Here's the situation. We're
here to win the America's Cup, not to dance at the ball. I will take you
all - I'll take the entire team anywhere in the world you want to go, when
we win. But anybody who goes to the ball tonight is off the team.' "

And after they did win, says Rosow, "he took all 260-plus people, plus
their families, to Hawaii for three days. Everything was free, and
everybody just could not believe the experience they just had."

In a documentary for ESPN, Koch later said the America's Cup victory cost
him $68 million. "Financially, I would say win or lose, it's not worth it,"
he said. "If you asked me ... if I knew what I know now, would I do it, the
answer to that would be no." -- Full story:

PERSPECTIVE: Seeing how $68 million could fund a competitive team for the
upcoming 34th America's Cup, it gives some perspective to the amount Koch
spent 20 years earlier.

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"When someone asks what boat you raced in and the answer is "Finn" there
are no other questions to be asked as that meant you were good and enjoyed
the camaraderie of this unique and wonderful group of sailors."

Not sure who first said this quote, but it is likely echoed by anyone who
has been strapped to this famous singlehander that first debuted in 1952.
It is why there are 142 sailors competing this week at the Finn World
Masters Championship in the UK. Because of "the camaraderie of this unique
and wonderful group of sailors."

To keep the party alive, the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto is
seeking those Finn sailors that haven't taken too many bangs in the head to
attend the Old Finn Farts Regatta on August 25-26. The event is limited to
all Finn sailors still alive, or at least to those that can clean up well
enough for a jacket & tie dinner.

A fleet of about a dozen Ideal 18s, which, as there are no hiking straps,
are IDEAL for those who carried 50 lbs of wet sweaters and have bad backs
and creaking knees and can no longer hike (and some never did). Organizers
guarantee flat water and shifty winds in Toronto Bay. Just watch the
ferries. No spinnakers, two to a boat, 5-6 races each day, have a
windward/leeward course, sail the leeward course slalom, and will require
the two last races each day to cross the finish line sailing backwards.


(May 29, 2012; Day 10) - Okay, basketball fans. When your back is to the
hoop, and you're staring down Lebron James with the ball, you better stay
in between him and the hole or risk getting burned. And that's all Abu
Dhabi can do too as they lead the Volvo Ocean Race fleet toward a band of
high pressure that's blocking the path to Lisbon.

"As predicted our lead is rapidly vanishing before our eyes," explained Abu
Dhabi skipper Ian Walker. "The fact that we knew this would happen means we
are all calm about it and remain fully focused on what lies ahead. It is
business as usual onboard and we have learnt not to let large losses at
every position report affect our mood.

"There is quite simply nothing we can do about it if the boats behind bring
3 or more knots more wind up into the back of you. Sooner or later they
will get close enough to be in more similar wind and then we have to hope
we can compete. By then I suspect the wind will be very light and it could
be anyone's game.

"One good thing is the sailing conditions are very easy indeed. Fast
angles, smooth seas and not too many sail changes. Our plan is to rest
people up while the going is easy so that we have fully charged batteries
for what will certainly be a frantic last 36 hours. If that means everyone
on deck then so be it - there will be time to rest in Lisbon.

"If anybody in Miami had offered us a 1 mile lead with 1000 miles to go we
would have gladly taken it. We may have lost 60 miles in 24 hours to the
chasing pack today but we remain closest to Lisbon and we hope to be for
some time yet." -- Abu Dhabi blog:

Leg 7 - Miami, USA to Lisbon, Portugal (3,590 nm)
Standings as of Wednesday, 30 May 2012, 1:03:01 UTC
1. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing(UAE),Ian Walker(GBR), 574.9nm Distance to Finish
2. PUMA Ocean Racing (USA), Ken Read (USA), 27.7 nm Distance to Lead
3. Groupama 4 (FRA), Frank Cammas (FRA), 35.9 nm DTL
4. Telefonica (ESP), Iker Martinez (ESP), 46.5 nm DTL
5. CAMPER (NZL), Chris Nicholson (AUS), 53.4 nm DTL
6. Team Sanya (CHN), Mike Sanderson (NZL), 66.0 nm DTL

NEARLY LIVE: The race tracker normally updates every three hours with each
position report, but with the fleet closing in on the Lisbon finish line,
the 2D tracker now updates every 60 seconds. To switch to the 60-second
updates, click on the LIVE button in the top left of the tracker. The
tracker's leaderboard will still update every three hours.

REVELATION: Abu Dhabi hasn't had an easy race. They haven't been the
fastest, and they haven't been the most durable. So what is behind the turn
around that finds them leading Leg 7? Moth promoter Anthony Kotoun believes
he has the answer. "During the Miami stop over, their watch captain, Rob
Greenhalgh took delivery of a new Mach 2," explained Kotoun. "Rob finished
the leg from Brazil to Miami at about 6am, chowed a steak and showed up to
go Moth sailing at 11am the next morning. Yup folks, that is how fun they
are to sail. Not only does moth sailing make you feel good, it makes you a
much better sailor as well. What other boat consistently does 20+ knots
like the Volvo boats do?" --

Video reports:

BACKGROUND: During the nine months of the Volvo Ocean Race, which started
in Alicante, Spain (Oct. 29) and concludes in Galway, Ireland during early
July 2012, six professional teams will sail over 39,000 nautical miles
around the world via Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, Sanya, Auckland, around Cape
Horn to Itajai, Miami, Lisbon, and Lorient. Teams accumulate points through
nine distance legs and ten In-Port races. -

By Jos M. Spijkerman
As an International Race Official I'm often travelling by air plane. It's
hard enough to fit your gear into one bag and stay under the weight limit -
and that's made harder because a lot of baggage handlers and air plane
personnel don't understand an inflatable life-jacket with a CO2 gas

It has been my experience a couple of times that I've been called into
baggage handling areas, where I was asked to open my bag. The scanner found
the cylinder and was flagged. Usually it ended up me leaving the cylinder
there, because I was not allowed to take my bag on the plane otherwise.
Besides being an inconvenience of having a life-jacket that wasn't
functional at an event, it also meant I had to replace the cylinder every
time and my own expense.

I always tried to explain that the cylinder wasn't dangerous, that it would
not spontaneously open up and that I had detached it from the life-jacket
itself, in the off change it would, that it only expels harmless CO2. And
that the effing plane had hundreds of those cylinders on their own life
jackets, under the seats......

No avail.

Lots of IRO take a non inflatable life-jacket because of this reason. But
that is much bulkier and - to be perfectly honest - it is a drag wearing
it, being three sizes too small for me.

One evening last week at the Delta Lloyd Regatta this subject came up
during a jury discussion and one of the judges told us about a couple of
papers she puts in the her bag together with her life-jacket explaining
what it is and that it is allowed on planes by the IATA (International Air
Transport Association).

I asked her to send me those papers so I could share them with you.... read

Come to IYRS on Saturday, June 2 at 10 am to watch a unique graduation
rite: instead of collecting diplomas to prove hours of learning, students
showcase their boats and building projects to the public. This year,
traditional classic wooden boats--such as a fleet of Beetle Cats, a Watch
Hill 15, and a Maine-style lobster boat--will stand side-by-side with two
spaceage-fast Moths from the school's Composites Technology students whose
training preps them for jobs in boat building as well as wind energy,
aerospace, and other industries that build structures that are, like boats,
light yet strong. For more information, visit

The last thing we want is for Fido to fall overboard, creating panic
onboard, and a potential safety nightmare. Fitting him for a life jacket is
easy - really! - if you follow a few simple tips.

Some of the most important safety items on any boat are the life jackets -
for you, your passengers, and of course your "best friend." Since the last
BoatU.S. report on this topic 12 years ago, the canine life jacket market
has taken off by leaps and hounds.

Back in 2000, we came up with four viable canine life jacket models. This
time, we were easily able to double the number of jackets tested. West
Marine has many in regular stock, and so do some of the big-box stores.
While it might seem as if all dogs have an innate ability to swim, many
dogs simply don't take well to water. Dogs with low body fat, such as
greyhounds, or dogs with age or health issues may have trouble. Jackets are
a good idea even for dogs that love the water. A long day in the water can
get tiring, even for the best swimmers - a fact that was proven on our day
of testing.

Most of our test jackets came in a variety of sizes, so we were able to try
them out on a variety of dogs - from a 12-pound rat terrier, to a 130-pound
Newfoundland, and six other dogs in between. There are also different types
of foam and construction materials in use today, as well as an inflatable
model. With prices ranging from about $20 to more than $100, there's a
vibrant dog-PFD market, and a jacket for every budget. -- BoatU.S., read

* Larchmont, NY (May 29, 2012) - Storm Trysail Club's 67th Block Island
Race, which started on May 25, saw a total of 84 boats competing in the
traditional 186 nm course or this year's new Plum Island Course (126 nm)
option. Larry Dickie's (Greenwich, Conn.) Kerr 43 Ptarmigan won its class
and took overall honors in IRC. -- Full report:

* The Sail for Gold Regatta sponsored by Skandia in Weymouth, UK will see
517 boats from 60 nations competing in this ISAF Sailing World Cup event.
Racing will be on June 4-9, and will provide an Olympic dress rehearsal,
being held at the same venue as the Games. -- Event website:

* The "Offshore Search & Safety Seminar" will be held May 31 at Newport
Shipyard in Newport, RI. The event was conceived as part of a commitment to
help yacht owners and enthusiasts take proactive steps to maximize safety
and prevent avoidable losses. As part of the afternoon event, the U.S.
Coast Guard will conduct a live at-sea emergency evacuation demonstration
using its MH-60T helicopter. The Coast Guard will also introduce and field
questions about Rescue 21, a new communications system that will allow
responders to quickly locate mariners in distress in the course of a search
and rescue mission. Details:

* Discover Boating has two new spokesmen helping to boost the marine
industry campaign. All-Star pitcher Roy Halladay is the centerpiece of a
sports talk radio tour that started last week. Halladay, who pitches for
the Philadelphia Phillies, talked baseball and boating in interviews on
shows that included the Dan Patrick Show, ESPN Radio's The Herd with Colin
Cowherd, Fox Sports Daybreak, Yahoo Sports Radio with Steve Czaban and
Sirius XM's Mad Dog Radio. -- Soundings Trade Only, read on:

* CORRECTION: A letter in Scuttlebutt 3600 was incorrectly attributed to
Robbie Dean, Director of Race Operations at St Francis YC. The letter was
in fact written by Paul Heineken.

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* From Douglass Sisk:
Milestones should not pass unnoticed. Congratulations on having the stamina
to get to 'Butt 3600. Who knew when Leweck Sr. started his local gossip
sheet in Marina del Rey that it would grow into the significant media
outlet that it has. Well played.

* From Pat Healy:
Scuttlebutt 3600 seems like a nice number to pause and take note of. Ten
complete circumnavigations, five penalty turns? I don't know. But it does
represent a lot more work then we readers could ever fully understand. But
the dialog you have created, encouraged, and refereed has helped make our
sailing community become much closer to a sailing family. Nice job.

* From John J. Ford, 1986:
Congratulations Boston College Eagles. Your distinction of most All
Americans named in the 2010-11 collegiate season is now etched in the
record books. My father, Thomas J. Ford, 1940, founder of the Boston
College Sailing Team, is most likely beaming at this announcement. His
passion of racing equaled his love for Boston College. You represent the
motto, "Ever To Excel" in quite a dignified manner. Go Eagles.

* From Dean Brenner, Chairman, Olympic Sailing Committee:
On behalf of everyone in our program -- sailors, coaches, staff -- I offer
humble and heartfelt thanks to Atlantis WeatherGear for their public words
of support in Scuttlebutt 3600.

We are so grateful to everyone at AWG for four years of world-class
partnership, and for making us the best-dressed team in the world of
Olympic Sailing. We've built a very strong team culture these last four
years, and one of the biggest reasons why is because our athletes travel
the world looking good and looking united. Our team uniform, from our
signature red vests and jackets, to our crisp on-the-water branding has
meant that everywhere we go, the other competitors know when the US Team
has arrived.

We're in the final stages of our preparations for the 2012 Games, and we
have high expectations. But regardless of the final results, we're proud of
what we have accomplished these last four years, and we would not have been
able to achieve so much without the support of our many partners. Our
partners at Atlantis are right at the top of that list.

What started in the fall of 2008 with a quiet phone call between us and AWG
has turned into a game-changing partnership for the US Sailing Team. We're
forever grateful, and will continue to wear the AWG brand proudly straight
through these Games.

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