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SCUTTLEBUTT 3685 - Thursday, September 27, 2012

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By Peter Isler
"It's the best regatta! Just stay out of the middle on the runs," counseled
my friend Dave Ullman. "You'll have a great time, the E-Scow is one of the
most refined one design classes in the world - it's on par with the Star,"
said Dennis Conner. "You'll do great, just don't let them over-serve you,"
added Gary Jobson. Those were some of the tidbits of advice I got from
former Mystery Guests at the fabled E Scow Blue Chip regatta. This past
weekend (Sept. 21-23) in Pewaukee, WI... it was my turn!

Everybody should get the chance to be a "Mystery Guest" at some point in
their life. Here's the gist of it: sail with a crew of four in one of the
fastest and most developed one design classes in the world in big breeze
against the best sailors in that class on a lake with a deep rooted sailing
tradition that has made it the "heartland of American sailing" for many
years. On the surface the Mystery Guest's role might seem pretty obvious -
but as the late Roy Disney used to say, "The devil is in the details."

Over the past 47 years of the Blue Chip, a wide variety of "celebrity
sailors" have been invited to take part in this epic three day regatta -
which closes down the sailing season for the class with a bang. The obvious
duties of the Mystery Guest are to take the helm of an E boat with a local
ace crew for the regatta - racing against 20 or so teams from around the E
Scow universe that have qualified during the season to attend the event.
But there's so much more.

You have to put up with some of the best hospitality imaginable ... being
treated better than a king for four days. You quickly realize that the
regatta is not just about the sailing... the shoreside feasting and
festivities are more than equal in importance. And the Mystery Guest is
asked to keep up with the "pedal to the metal" pace of the participants
both on and off the water!

Mystery guest lore runs deep - but looking back at the score sheet -
success on the water is rare - only a few have mastered the E Scow's
secrets and broken the code to the wind shifts on little Lake Pewaukee. In
47 years only seven Mystery Guests have made it into the top three. Two San
Diego sailors, Dennis Conner (1977) and Andrew Campbell (2011) pulled off
the impossible by winning the ultimate "away game". But nobody at Pewaukee
YC seems to put too much of import of the MG's regatta score... it's all
about showing the Mystery Guest a real good time, and looking forward to
the big Saturday night banquet when the Mystery Guest gets to entertain the
crowd with some tasty sea stories over dessert.

I had never sailed an E Scow - but I had seen them before, and I had spent
three days out on Pewaukee Lake - teaching a US Sailing Advanced Racing
Clinic to the E-Scow and M20 fleet. I was a hot college sailor and I'd
never seen a scow sailing before - but I soon was hooked. The boats are
super powered up - and sail on their edges, heeled over to reduce wetted
surface, increase waterline and orient the lee board vertically - in 12
knots they are flying and in 20 knots they are off the chart sailing fun -
especially downwind. I didn't have a pocket gps, but we had great breeze
all weekend and I'd bet the boats go upwind at about 9 knots - tacking
through 75 degrees... and downwind, with the masthead A-sail the boats
easily break 20 knots. A local sailor told me they pulled 2 wake boarders
behind the boat earlier in the summer - I believe it. -- Read on:

When you are the defender of the America's Cup, you are saddled with the
responsibility of hosting the event. But historically, the defender is even
more eager to win the event.

With all the effort dedicated to transforming the 34th America's Cup into a
broadcast product, the question is asked: Is the primary goal to win the
event, or to successfully convert it into a commercial vehicle?

For Oracle Team USA, the answer is to accomplish both, but the past few
months indicate a successful defense may prove to be the bigger challenge:

JULY 2012: Initial plans had the defender moving from San Francisco to New
Zealand this winter, where they would have benefited from the summer
conditions in the Southern Hemisphere. But in July the team announced they
will instead be extending their summer and fall training session in San
Francisco, which effectively closed the New Zealand window. Observed
Emirates Team New Zealand team boss Grant Dalton, "It feels to me that they
are probably behind schedule because these things are so damned
complicated." --

AUGUST 2012: The initial commissioning and testing process for their first
AC72 was started on August 31, but after two hours the session was stopped
due to a daggerboard failure in the starboard hull. "We are currently
building replacement daggerboards, which is a significant construction
project with a duration of several weeks. Our boat builders and designers
are working long hours together to have these new daggerboards completed as
soon as possible," General Manager Grant Simmer said. --

SEPTEMBER 2012: The team is canceling plans to train in Hawaii this winter
for next year's America's Cup race in San Francisco, deciding now that they
won't have time to go to Lanai for training this winter because the team
will be modifying its new boat. According to General Manager Grant Simmer,
the team has a lot of development work to do and so its priorities have
changed. "We're planning some modifications to our new boat and the time
that we had free to go to Lanai was getting shorter and shorter, such that
it was no longer really a viable option for us," Simmer told The Associated
Press. --
REVISION: San Francisco would be liable for escalating payments starting at
$29,200 a day if it doesn't have specific venues ready for America's Cup
regatta use by March 1 under a revised agreement with race organizers now
up for approval. Mayor Ed Lee maintains the races will still inject about
$1 billion into the local economy despite there being about half the number
of teams competing next year than originally forecast. - Full report:

This year has been a great success for the Camet shorts, winning awards in
an independent field test and are highly recommended as the best buy for
quality, design, comfort, fast drying and durability. Women's Wahine shorts
won the award as best women's shorts. The already available new 2013 Color
for the popular Nantucket shorts is silver with a silver reinforced seat;
more new colors will be available shortly. Teams using the Camet shorts
have won the Farr 40 Worlds, Etchells Worlds and many more. Don't wait any
longer - if you haven't tried them yet, now is the time.

Twenty yachtsmen will be at the start of the seventh edition of the Vendée
Globe on 10 November in Les Sables d'Olonne (France). The list includes
Zbigniew Gutkowski, the last entrant and the first Polish skipper to take
up the Open 60 single-handed non-stop round-the-world challenge without any

With less than 50 days to go until the world's greatest solo yachting race
starts, the names of the twenty candidates who will be crossing the start
line are:

Jeremie Beyou (FRA/Maître CoQ)
Arnaud Boissieres (FRA/AKENA Verandas)
Louis Burton (FRA/Bureau Vallee)
Samantha Davies (GBR/Saveol)
Bertrand De Broc (FRA/Votre Nom autour du Monde avec EDM Projets)
Tanguy De Lamotte (FRA/Initiatives-coeur)
Kito De Pavant (FRA/Groupe Bel)
Alessandro Di Benedetto (FRA-ITA, Team Plastique)
Jean-Pierre Dick (FRA/Virbac-Paprec 3)
François Gabart (FRA/MACIF)
Mike Golding (GBR/Gamesa)
Marc Guillemot (FRA/Safran)
Zbigniew Gutkowski (POL/ENERGA)
Jean Le Cam (FRA/SynerCiel)
Armel Le Cleac'h (FRA/Banque Populaire)
Vincent Riou (FRA/PRB)
Javier Sanso (ESP/ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered)
Bernard Stamm (SUI/Cheminees Poujoulat)
Alex Thomson (GBR/HUGO BOSS)
Dominique Wavre (SUI/Mirabaud)

The entry list is comprised of sailors from France (12), Britain (3),
Switzerland (2), Italy (1), Poland (1), and Spain (1). -- Yachting World:

By Elaine Bunting, Yachting World
(September 26, 2012) - This morning in Paris the preliminaries of the
Vendee Globe solo round the world race began with a packed press

This hardest, cruellest of races, run only once every four years, is a
feverishly anticipated sporting event in France. A frisson of celebrity
crackles like an invisible force field around the 20 skippers due to take

"This is the hardest sporting event in the world," Britain's Alex Thomson
asserted. Hard for anyone to make comparisons, but in its demands of the
human body and spirit this is a monster of a race. The conditions can be
brutal, the competition is unremitting and it's a emotional battlefield.

It's tough to find sponsorship as well, which is why after the boom of 29
entries four years ago the race has settled back to its historic average.

There is something about doing the Vendee Globe that borders on compulsion.
This gives the race an indestructible quality. It's a rare skipper who
either does not return for more, or try their damnedest to.

A whopping 85 per cent this time are what you might call repeat offenders.
Five have been in the game so long they have accidentally turned the corner
on 50.

The Vendee Globe has become its own self-perpetuating hall of fame, where
specialised knowledge, experience and maturity have ratcheted up to a quite
heady level.

King of the veterans are Mike Golding (GBR) and Dominique Wavre (SUI), both
preparing for their 4th Vendee Globe. That represents 16 years each of
single-minded dedication to the ambition of grasping a historic 1st,
something that has only ever been achieved by a French sailor. -- Read on:

Newport, RI (September 26, 2012) - Day two of the 2012 Melges 32 World
Championship, hosted by the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) was a long day
featuring one race and a new overnight leader - Bermuda's Alec Cutler and
tactician Richard Clarke aboard Hedgehog. "We just wanted to get through
the two windiest days in good position." said Cutler. "Today was great, but
it's still a little too early to get excited about where we are at in the
standings. We still a long way to go."

Winds gusting to 33 knots kept the fleet under postponement until 14.00,
when the AP ashore was lowered and the fleet was sent out to complete one
race that started just after three o'clock. John Kilroy's Samba Pa Ti team
took command at the final windward mark of the race and held on for the
win. "Yesterday was not a good day as we broke a spinnaker and we did a
penalty turn which caused us to end with a 20th place finish," commented
Kilroy. "Our win today put us in the top ten, but we hope to not stop

Two more races, with the option for a third, are scheduled for Thursday.
Racing continues through Saturday. -- Full report:

Current results - top 10 of 33 (Skipper/Tactician)
1. Alec Cutler/Richard Clarke, Hedgehog (BER); 5-7-2, 14
2. Edoardo Lupi/Branko Brcin, Torpyone (ITA); 8-4-3, 15
3. Andre Pozzi/Gabriele Benussi, Bombarda (ITA); 1-6-9, 16
4. William Douglass/Chris Larson, Goombay Smash (USA); 3-3-12, 18
5. Steve Howe/Morgan Larson, Warpath (USA); 2-15-4, 21
6. Benjamin Schwartz/Chris Rast, Pisces (USA); 4-1-19, 24
7. Vincenzo Onorato/Nathan Wilmot, Mascalzone Latino (ITA); 12-2-13, 27
8. John Kilroy/Paul Goodison, Samba Pa Ti (USA); 20-8-1, 29
9. Pieter Taselaar/Nick Thompson, Bliksem (USA); 7-16-6, 29
10. Roberto Tomasini Grinover/Vasco Vascotto, Robertissima (ITA);6-21-5, 32
Complete results:

The northern sailing season is winding down. Before you store your sails
for the winter, make sure you check each sail carefully for any wear and
tear. Remember those small holes in the spinnaker?! You may not remember
next spring. A simple repair forgotten can turn into an ugly and expensive
first hoist! Ullman Sails offers comprehensive sail care, including repairs
and maintenance. We also offer sail cleaning and storage at some locations.
Contact an Ullman Sails loft now and make sure your sails will be in good
condition when you hoist them next season.
Invest in your performance.

* Marseille, France (September 26, 2012) - A disappointing exit at the
Qualifying stage of Match Race France for Bjorn Hansen (SWE), the current
overall leader of the 2012 Alpari World Match Racing Tour. The top eight of
twelve teams, led by Laurie Jury (NZL) Kiwi Match at 9-2, will be back on
the water Thursday for the Quarter Finals, with the sixth stage of the tour
to conclude Sunday. -- Full report:

* (September 26, 2012) - After a successful build up to the London 2012
Olympic Games, Anna Tunnicliffe (USA) continues to hold top spot in the
Women's Match Race Rankings. There is no budging Ian Williams (GBR) in the
Open Rankings who continues to hold onto the World #1 spot, a position held
since 4 August 2011. -- Full report:

* Twenty of the top one-design skippers in the country will gather in
Wisconsin this weekend for three days of racing at US Sailing's
Championship of Champions, hosted by the Pewaukee Yacht Club September
28-30. All of the competitors are masters in their respective sailing
classes, and on Pewaukee Lake they will be tested in C-Scows to see if they
can hold their own. -- Full report:

The Industry News category of the Scuttlebutt Forum provides an opportunity
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* New running rigging from Samson
* New app shows tacking time to destination
* New patented design radically transforms harness design
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I am sorry to report that one of our Stars & Stripes crew members, John
"Rambo" Grant, passed away on Friday, September 21 after having recent
cardiac surgery.

"Rambo" was a retired Marine Corp Lt Colonel who served several tours of
duty in Vietnam. He was a logistics specialist who was recruited by Dennis
Conner for the 1987 America's Cup to assist in moving the team's personnel,
boats and gear to the multiple training locations in Hawaii and Fremantle
and to serve as a backup grinder. He also sailed on the wing sail catamaran
Stripes & Stripes for the 1988 America's Cup. He was tough as nails and the
joke on the team was that he could kill a man with newspaper.

He was a great friend to all who had the pleasure to know him, as teammate
or competitor. He was one of those larger than life characters who we all
relish the pleasure of having known. Sail on Rambo! -- Bill Trenkle

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* From Mitch Brindley, President, Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association:
I want to thank you for your patience in awaiting my reply to the recent
emails and web postings that have unfortunately served to incite
controversy and further misunderstanding. For the past five days I have
been focusing on a pressing family matter and cannot devote the needed
attention to the ICSA issue.

I thank all those that have taken the brunt of the attack and have
responded on my behalf, particularly the ICSA Executive Committee. The
authors were misinformed, and it seems largely based the emails, responses
and postings on assumption and innuendo. For me the emotional responses
highlight the enthusiasm and passion that so many people have for college

Here are some facts as it relates to the sponsorship agreement that were
misrepresented in recent emails, and sailing websites.... read on:

COMMENT: If you are interested in college sailing, I encourage you to read
Mitch's description of the facts. I do regret that Mitch appears to have
included Scuttlebutt in his disdain for how the sponsorship issue has been
shared in the sailing media. We provided, in my opinion, a responsible
description of the revised agreement in Scuttlebutt 3683. However, we do
contend that further discussion should be among the ICSA membership and not
in the Scuttlebutt newsletter. This thread is dead. -- Craig Leweck,

* From Bob Harden:
A woman wins one of the oldest J/24 perpetual trophies --- The 32nd annual
Beasley Cup at the Houston Yacht Club. Natalie Penner and her crew of
Michael Brooks, Aaron Brandt, Lynna Holland and myself won the 32nd Annual
Beasley Cup Trophy this past Sept 22-23 weekend.

The championship was held in conjunction with the Houston Yacht Club's HOOD
one design regatta. Houston Yacht Club provided its usual top notch race
management team to run the races.

It was Natalie's first J/24 Texas Circuit victory, and a great expression
of her competiveness and Corinthian spirit in a male dominated class. So,
let's take a moment to celebrate the females making history... one regatta
at a time!

Ladies, if a man says he will fix it, he will. There is no need to remind
him every 6 months about it.

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