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SCUTTLEBUTT 3729 - Friday, November 30, 2012

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For some people, winter means the sailing season has ended while for
others, it has just begun. But whether your preference is soft or hard
water, the humble origins of our sport ultimately succumb to the pursuit of

The history of an iceboating club in Maine presents a familiar trend. Years
ago club members left their boats at the lake all season, ready for when
the conditions were right. Nowadays members bring their boats home and
travel to wherever the best ice is.

But as the bar rises, fewer people are willing to play the game. How do you
maintain interest and activity at the same time? More effort ultimately
shrinks the field, while keeping it too simple can lead to boredom and
frustration. Here is the iceboating club's story:
Maine has icy winters and ice breeds iceboaters. Iceboating in Maine dates
back at least 100 years. The fishermen on the island of Vinalhaven took the
small gaff rigs off their lobster "pinkies" and put them on runners for
sport sailing on a tidal pond, and larger "stern steerers" were seen on
many of Maine's lakes. A small remnant of the Vinalhaven fleet still sails

The Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club was started in the early '70's by Warner St.
Clair, a retired seaman and several of his seafaring friends who had plenty
of time in winter. Lake Chickawaukee in Rockport (ME) was chosen because of
its proximity to the ocean and corresponding lighter snow, more rain, and
better ice than the inland lakes. Chicky also benefits from sea breezes
when there is no wind inland.

Chickawaukee was THE ice and we all left our boats on the ice for the
winter tied down to ropes frozen into the ice. But in the 80's we began to
be more mobile as the construction methods reduced the weight of the hull
from 75-80 Lbs. to a more manageable 45 Lbs. We ventured off to the New
England Championships in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont as well
as occasional forays to National and World contests and the sometimes
incredible Winnie Spring Frolic (200 ice boats in a good year) on Lake
Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire.

As we enter the millenium the club has grown to 50-60 members from all over
New England. We are completely mobile, no one leaves their boats on the
same ice all winter; we keep them at home, ready to roll to wherever the
ice is. We sail on the best available ice, sometimes Chickawaukee,
otherwise anywhere from Eagle Lake on Mt. Desert to Sebago Lake, and inland
to Belgrade Lakes and even Moosehead Lake. We have a series of 5 DN
regattas during the season and informal racing and touring any time.

Currently, we are now some 100 members and sail less, partly due to less
and later ice as a result of global warming over the last 20 years and
partly due to less enthusiasm for regattas every sailable weekend. There is
some sign of renewed enthusiasm for racing, at least informally, as a way
to learn how to sail the sometimes puzzling ice boat. -- Full report:

Just before the 34th America's Cup gets underway, the focus will be on the
Red Bull Youth America's Cup (Sept. 1-4, 2013), a fleet racing event for
competitors 19-24 years of age. Following a recent training program
organized by Oracle Team USA (Nov. 12-20) which assessed six U.S. teams,
two of the teams were selected to compete in the September event on San
Francisco Bay.

Team America Racing was selected to represent the U.S. and American Youth
Sailing Force was selected to represent the City of San Francisco. Here are
their rosters (subject to change):

Team America Racing
Charlie Buckingham, 23, Newport Beach, CA
Jacob La Dow, 19, San Diego, CA
Graham Landy, 19, Virginia Beach, VA
Jake Reynolds, 19, San Diego, CA
Nevin Snow, 19, San Diego, CA
John Wallace, 20, St. Petersburg, FL
Matthew Whitehead, 19, Tampa, FL

American Youth Sailing Force
Ian Andrewes, 22, Seattle, WA
David Liebenberg, 21, San Francisco, CA
Michael Menninger, 23, Newport Beach, CA
Tomas Pastalka, 22, Tiburon, CA
Matt Pistay, 22, Zenda, WI.
Michael Radziejowski, 21, Alameda, CA
Evan Sjostedt, 19, Long Beach, CA

It is not known at this time if any of the four remaining U.S. teams have
been invited to the Selection Series Trials (Feb. 9-24, 2013), where an as
of yet undetermined number of teams will also advance to the finals in
September. Here are the current selection guidelines:

1.1. Teams may apply for entry to America's Cup Race Management (ACRM),
from July 15, 2012 until September 20, 2012.

1.2. The ACRM Regatta Director will determine if teams are accepted or not.
The ACRM Regatta Director will review candidate applications and will
accept (at his sole discretion) those he is satisfied have a reasonable
chance of winning the Red Bull Youth America's Cup.

1.3. Current America's Cup World Series teams supplying an AC45 yacht to
the Red Bull Youth America's Cup have the first right to enter a team
representing their country subject to clause 1.2 above. Up to two teams per
country will be accepted except that the City of San Francisco, the Host
City, may have one additional entry. The Host City entry requirement is for
at least 50% of the Race Crew including the Skipper to have held residency
in the San Francisco Bay Area for a total of at least two years prior to
September 1, 2013. Please reference Appendix A for further information.

1.4. New teams may enter the Red Bull Youth America's Cup by purchasing or
acquiring their own AC45 yacht, provided there are not two teams from their
country already entered and subject to clause 1.2 above. These teams will
have priority acceptance over teams entering without an AC45.

1.5. Teams without an AC45 may apply as an independent entry. ACRM will
secure at least four boats for independent entries. Independent entries
will be assessed and invited to participate in a training and selection
series in February 2013 in San Francisco, CA, USA. Invites will be issued
no later than December 2012. At the culmination of this selection series,
no less than four successful teams will be accepted to participate in the
Red Bull Youth America's Cup.

News report:
Event notice:

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(November 29, 2012; Day 20) - The descent of the South Atlantic for the
Vendee Globe skippers has been exceedingly puzzling, with routing options
creating significant lateral separation amongst the front runners. Longtime
leader Armel Le Cleac'h (FRA) skirted the St Helena High, which has
positioned him furthest to the east...and closest to the finish. But it
also has him located about 300 nm further north than his rival Jean-Pierre
Dick (FRA).

If there is a rule to follow in the southern latitudes... "when in doubt go

Today was moving day for Dick, who rose in the rankings from fifth to
second, and he might not be done yet. Joined by Francois Gabart (FRA), the
ultimate outcome of their bold choice could be decided Friday as the fleet
must pass Gough Island (to the west of Africa at 40 degrees latitude) to
starboard, but then these two skippers will likely dig deeper south for
more treasure.

"I feel like I am returning to my world," remarked Dick."I like to sail in
the very wild, very beautiful Southern seas. I am wearing underlayers and
soon, I will put on my boots."


Top 5 of 20 - Rankings as of Thursday 29 November 2012, 20h00 (FR)
1. Armel Le Cleac'h (FRA), Banque Populaire: 19034.2 nm Distance to Finish
2. Jean-Pierre Dick (FRA), Virbac Paprec 3: 119.0 nm Distance to Lead
3. Fran�ois Gabart (FRA), Macif: 130.8 nm DTL
4. Alex Thomson (GBR), Hugo Boss: 144.0 nm DTL
5. Bernard Stamm (SUI), Cheminees Poujoulat: 166.4 nm DTL
Full rankings:

BACKGROUND: Twenty skippers began the 7th edition of the Vendee Globe, a
solo, non-stop around the world race in the IMOCA Open 60 class. Starting
in Les Sables d'Olonne, France on November 10, the west to east course
passes the three major capes of Good Hope, Leeuwin and the Horn before
returning to Les Sables d'Olonne. In the 2008-9 edition, Michel Desjoyeaux
(FRA) set a new race record by completing the course in 84 days. --

"Hmm... I wouldn't be so silly to say never. You only have to look at how
even the windsurfers are still evolving and making big speed gains. But I
also know that it is more likely that our speed will be well over 70 knots
by then. The equation has now been written and verified by which boats can
go way quicker still. The thing to do now, however, is make it all
practical." - Outright world speed record holder Paul Larsen (AUS) on
whether kites will go faster than his record breaking Vestas SailRocket 2

* Two-time Olympic medalist Charlie McKee (Coronado, CA.) has been
appointed High Performance Director of the U.S. Olympic Sailing Program.
His responsibilities will include managing all on-the-water elements of the
U.S. Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider, including the coaching program,
technical development and youth development with a goal of enabling U.S.
sailors to reach the highest level of competition for the next Olympic and
Paralympic quadrenniums. He will report to Josh Adams, Managing Director of
U.S. Olympic Sailing. -- Read on:

* The Extreme Sailing Series will be holding its eighth and final event of
the 2012 circuit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on December 6-9. The nine
Extreme 40 teams will include local wildcard entry Team Brazil, led by
renowned sailor and Brazil�s most successful Olympian Torben Grael. For the
eight established teams, the stakes are high with four teams capable of
lifting the 2012 Extreme Sailing Series overall trophy. -- Full report:

* The Marion Bermuda Race organization has recently adopted significant
changes designed to make this biennial offshore yacht race more accessible
than ever before. These new initiatives seek to broaden participation in
the 2013 race. Highlights include vessel size limits increased from 80ft to
100ft, a new division with unrestricted sail inventory, symmetrical
spinnakers and spinnaker poles permitted, and traditional sail
training/classic yacht division added. -- Full report:

* The production of the new one-design Volvo Ocean 65 to be used for the
2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race remains on schedule. Lamination of the outer skin
of the first hull being produced has now begun, while the first carbon
layer for the first deck has been completed. The first deck should be
completed by mid-February, with the first boat off the production line is
expected during late June 2013. Eight boats are planned to be built. --
Full report:

* (November 29, 2012) - An area of Arctic sea ice bigger than the United
States melted this year, according the U.N. weather agency, which said the
dramatic decline illustrates that climate change is happening "before our
eyes." In a report released at U.N. climate talks in the Qatari capital of
Doha, the World Meteorological Organization concluded ice cover had reached
"a new record low" in the area around the North Pole and that the loss from
March to September was a staggering 4.57 million square miles - an area
bigger than the United States. -- Full report:

* CORRECTION: Chris Corlett raced the half tonner Animal Farm, not
Animal House as was reported in Scuttlebutt 3728.

Some of the random photos from the sport received this week at Scuttlebutt
include shredding kites, new age foils, December, reefing rules, twilight
training, Alaskan ice, grandma's stew, hug it, and your classic death roll
jibe sequence. Here are this week's photos:

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2012 Course Racing World Champion Erika Heineken joined a crew of kiters
who left their desks early on a Friday afternoon for a sunset session in
November at Crissy Field on San Francisco Bay. "Here's the video I made
from the session," shared Erika. "I wore the dorky red helmet with the
GoPro, but it was worth looking like a kook for the shots!" We think you'll here for this week's video:

Bonus Videos:
* This week on America's Cup Discovered we take an exclusive look into the
year in the life of Luna Rossa Challenge. They may have joined the
America's Cup World Series late, but they are not newcomers. It's
unfinished business for the Italian team, and their fanatical fans. The
Luna Rossa AC72 has left the competition to take a good look at themselves
in the mirror. One skipper, three helmsmen. Who will be helming this super
cat on the start line in 2013? Tune in on Saturday December 1 approx 0800
PST 1100 EST:

* Outside Television was the official media sponsor of the 26th Annual Pro
Am Regatta, held Oct. 27-Nov. 3 at Bitter End Yacht Club in the BVIs. Watch
as pros and novice sailors, who range in skill from novice to old salt,
enjoy a week of racing and activities. --

* Take a tour with Francois Gabart (FRA) and his Open 60 Macif before the
start of the Vendee Globe race:

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* From Jaren Leet:
I met Chris Corlett (Eight Bells, Scuttlebutt 3728) in the early 70's and
knew him well. In the early 80's, without his able help and energy, I would
never have been able to purchase the 2-tonner that became Irrational, and
without his guidance and introductions, the boat would never have turned
out to be so special.

Then again in 1997, when I knew I would be returning to San Francisco Bay,
he located and helped me purchase the J/105 Irrational Again, allowing me
to participate in the fantastic growth and fun of that fleet. He taught me
how to set up and sail the J/105, getting me up the learning curve and into
the fun zone very quickly. In between we sailed and lunched together all
over the place, the most memorable as part of the USA Team that defeated
Britain in the British-American Challenge Cup in 1986.

Great guy. Great Sailor. An Honest Man. Chris will be missed!

* From Richard Spindler, Latitude 38 publisher:
Decades ago Chris Corlett and Tom Blackaller - who, prior to Paul Cayard,
was the most famous sailor to come out of San Francisco - were involved in
perhaps the most famous mano a mano sailing duel in Northern California.

You have to understand that 35 years ago Mariner's Square in Alameda was in
many respects the center of sailing in Northern California, and it's where
young bucks such as the vociferous Corlett challenged only slightly older
established bucks such as Blackaller - and often in front of half the
sailing industry in Northern California.

It happened so long ago that we're a little fuzzy on the details, but
either Blackaller or Corlett had bested John Beery in a match race in
Lasers from Mariner's Square to the mouth of the Estuary and back. This was
a big deal in itself, because not only was Beery no shrinking violet, he
was also the landlord for Blackaller's North Sails and the yacht dealership
Corlett worked for.

After Beery was bested, Corlett and Blackaller got into a public spat over
who was the better sailor. Another race to the mouth of the Estuary and
back was proposed, but this time in Santana 35s. It was a bad choice of
boats for Blackaller, as Corlett sold the 35s and had raced them
extensively, so he clobbered the then-king of San Francisco sailing in
front of much of the sailing industry. There was more than a little

Corlett's most recent racing was in this summer's Pacific Cup with his son
Jesse aboard David Britt's Beneteau First 10R Split Water. "He told me it
was his most gratifying sailing experience," longtime friend Allison Lehman
told us. "He was so proud of his son; he called him a 'natural'." --

* From Talbot Wilson:
What is there to say about Tuna Wullschleger (Eight Bells, Scuttlebutt
3726)? A special friend and a mentor in the way of rules? He made us all
follow the gentleman's side of sailing and we will all miss his guidance of
our sport.

* From Peter W Grimm, Sr:
I had the pleasure of working with Tuna for about 40 years - Block Island
RW, Antigua Sailing Week for the 32 years I was PRO. Bermuda Race, Key West
Race, America II AC, etc. Tuna and his wife Dianna (Stork) were loved and
respected by all.

He spoke fluent French and on one occasion when I was on a jury with him in
Antigua, the "inmates" as he referred to all competitors were testifying in
broken English but speaking to each other in French. As they were
"prepping" their statements, Tuna suddenly rattled off some French ... CASE
CLOSED! I could go on literally forever regaling Tuna stories and

He was a "ONE OFF", and a close friend! He will be missed.

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