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SCUTTLEBUTT 3499 - Thursday, January 5, 2012

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Big-time sailboat racing is an expensive proposition. So is delivering a
boat - any boat - to Key West, Florida, the southernmost point in the
continental United States. Nonetheless, Quantum Key West Race Week, which
takes place January 15-20, endures, despite the repeated buffeting of
economic headwinds. SAIL magazine recently caught up with regatta organizer
Peter Craig, president of Premiere Racing Inc. to find out why.

SAIL: While numbers remain down from years past, Quantum Key West Race
Week, now in its 25th year, continues to draw many top-caliber campaigns.
Why is that?

Peter Craig: The appeal of warm weather racing in January with world-class
competition and professional race management draws the programs. The grand
prix component of the Key West fleet - of those with professional crew -
has the resources to draw on, and time away from work isn't as big an
issue. There's no mystery why overall fleet numbers are down. The fourth
year of a struggling global economy continues to impact owners and crews,
and their ability to commit the resources necessary - both money and time.

SAIL: What is new for Quantum Key West Race Week 2012?

Peter Craig: We can start with a new title sponsor! It's likely we wouldn't
be having this interview without Quantum Sails. We're going to start the
racing a full hour later each morning with first gun at 1130. The evening
parties are also starting a bit earlier, 1730-1930, so crew dinners don't
run as late. Further, in responding to recent feedback, for the 25th
anniversary event we've eliminated the need to purchase an access card to
attend the evening socials and awards presentations. Admission is open, and
we're looking to have everyone stop by and join in the shore-side
activities. People will now pay for drinks, albeit with very special
pricing, especially for Mount Gay Rum.

SAIL: Are there any particular classes regatta watchers should pay
attention to in 2012?

Read on:

(January 4, 2012) - Team Telefonica secured overall victory in Leg 2 of the
Volvo Ocean Race with a strong second place but there was joy too for
Groupama sailing team on Wednesday as they notched their first win of the
2011-12 edition, snatching top spot ahead of their rivals in the dying
moments of the sprint into Abu Dhabi.

The French challengers closed the gap with Telefonica to two boat lengths
within 20 nautical miles of the finish during the fast-paced 98nm drag race
from the Sharjah coastline, before clinching the lead at the final mark

Despite racing with a cracked hull, which the sailors attempted to fix
before racing resumed, Franck Cammas' men surged to victory in a 20 knot
northwest breeze and big swell, finishing just 52 seconds ahead of

"We were very fast today,'' Cammas said. "This morning we were a little
worried about the repair. Now, I think we were so fast we will leave it." A
crowd of thousands lined the Abu Dhabi race village waterside in the late
afternoon sunshine and welcomed in the boats after the thrilling race at

Not so fast today in the tight reaching conditions was PUMA and Abu Dhabi
Ocean Racing, who are realizing now they are in the need for some speed.

Observed Puma skipper Ken Read, whose boat is of a similar design as
Telefonica and Groupama, "I just wish we were a little quicker. The last
little bit (today) showed that Groupama is moded much differently than our
boat. If today was light air down the coast, we would have been the boat to

As for Abu Dhabi's Azzam, watch leader Craig Satterthwaite said: "We're
starting to find out about the boat. Reaching is not our fastest angle.
Hopefully we're going to find points of sailing where we're faster than the
other boats. Today we found out our weakness, hopefully we will find our
strength." - Race media

Course details:

Leg 2 Stage 2 results
1. Groupama (FRA), Frank Cammas (FRA), 12:22:09 UTC
2. Telefonica (ESP), Iker Martinez (ESP), 12:23:01 UTC
3. CAMPER (NZL), Chris Nicholson (AUS), 12:27:48 UTC
4. PUMA Ocean Racing (USA), Ken Read (USA), 12:28:38 UTC
5. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (UAE), Ian Walker (GBR), 12:32:21 UTC

Overall leaderboard after Leg 2
1. Telefonica (ESP), Iker Martinez (ESP), 6-1-1-1, 66 pts
2. CAMPER (NZL), Chris Nicholson (AUS), 3-2-2-2, 58 pts
3. Groupama (FRA), Frank Cammas (FRA), 5-3-5-4, 42 pts
4. PUMA Ocean Racing (USA), Ken Read (USA), 2-DNF-3-3, 28 pts
5. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (UAE), Ian Walker (GBR), 1-DNF-4-5, 19 pts
6. Team Sanya (CHN), Mike Sanderson (NZL), 4-DNF-6-6-SUS**, 4 pts

** Suspended Racing. If Team Sanya completes Leg 2 Stage 1, it will add 4
points to their overall score.

Video reports:
Original race schedule:

BACKGROUND: During the nine months of the Volvo Ocean Race, which started
in Alicante, Spain and concludes in Galway, Ireland during early July 2012,
six professional teams will sail over 39,000 nautical miles of the world's
most treacherous seas via Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, Sanya, Auckland, around
Cape Horn to Itajai, Miami, Lisbon, and Lorient. Teams accumulate points
through nine distance legs and ten In-Port races. -

Ullman Sails is pleased to announce the addition of Ullman Sails France
Atlantique to our international group of sailmakers! Owner Charles Edouard
Broc will be opening a full service loft in Lorient in February that will
provide new sails and a complete range of marine services to the French
market. Charles joins the Ullman Sails family with over 22 years of
experience as both a sail designer and production/business manager. He also
brings with him expertise in offshore racing projects for classes like the
Mini Transat and Open 60, and the classic boat market. Invest in your

This is an installment by International Umpire/Judge Jos M. Spijkerman
(NED) in a series of blogposts about the ISAF Call book 2009-2012 with
amendments for 2010. All calls are official interpretations by the ISAF
committees on how the Racing Rules of Sailing should be used or
Summary of the Facts

Boats A and B were running on starboard tack close to the shore against a
strong ebb tide in a Force 3 breeze. A was not more than half a hull length
clear ahead of B. B blanketed A, causing A to gybe unintentionally. This
was immediately followed by a collision, although without damage or injury,
and B protested A under rule 10. The facts were agreed, and both boats were
disqualified: B under rule 12 because she was too close to A to be keeping
clear, and A under rule 10 for failing to keep clear of a starboard-tack

A appealed on the grounds that she was compelled by B's action to break
rule 10. The protest committee, commenting on the appeal, stated that B
caused both A's gybe and the collision by not keeping clear when both boats
were on the same tack.

Decision... read on:

* Rondar Raceboats, Ltd has announced the formation of Rondar Raceboats,
USA. Located in Peabody, MA, Rondar Raceboats USA has already begun
production of collegiate racing dinghies for the USA market. The first
delivery will be of 20 Firefly dinghies for Massachusetts Institute of
Technology's sailing team in January. Rondar USA will soon begin production
of Collegiate 420's and in the coming months, Flying Juniors, as well as
the Viper 640 One-Design Sportboat for the retail market. -- Details:

* (January 4, 2012; Day 43 - 23:00:00 UTC) - It's now the final stretch for
Loick Peyron (FRA) and his team on the 131-foot maxi trimaran Banque
Populaire V in their mission to lower the non-stop circumnavigation Jules
Verne Trophy record (48 days 7 hours 44 minutes 52 seconds). They are
aiming toward the finish, boat speed has increased to over 30 knot
averages, and they're ahead of the record by 1,229.6 nm with only 1,349 nm
remaining. Tracking:

* As many as 30 college teams from 11 states and Washington D.C. and 60
high school teams from the West Coast are entered in the 27th annual Rose
Bowl Regatta on January 7-8. The event, based at the Alamitos Bay Yacht
Club, is hosted by the USC Sailing Team and organized by the US Sailing
Center of Long Beach. The collegians and high schoolers will race Club
Flying Juniors on courses off the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier in the
Long Beach outer harbor. The high school Silver fleet will race inside
Alamitos Bay. -- Full report:

* Napier, New Zealand (January 4, 2012) - After three days of fleet racing,
the focus changed at the Optimist World Championship today with the first
day of team racing, where 40 national teams were seeking to advance. At the
end of the first days' racing, the following teams progressing through to
the second day's racing are USA, Peru, Malaysia, Sweden, Norway, Brazil,
Croatia, Singapore, Thailand, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Argentina
and Poland. Thursday racing will see 16 teams contest for the team title.
-- Event website:

* (January 4, 2012) - Manuka Sports Event Management announced today the
first four teams entered in the 2012 Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour
Racing this May. The Atlantic Cup is a three stage Class 40 event with
ports in Charleston, South Carolina, New York City, and Newport, Rhode
Island. The entries are Dragon, Icarus Racing, Gryphon Solo 2 and Bodacious
Dream. Teams Dragon and Icarus both competed in the 2011 Atlantic Cup
finishing 2nd and 4th respectively. Gryphon Solo 2 and Bodacious Dream are
both brand new Class 40s for which the Atlantic Cup will provide their
first major test. -- Event website:

* Santiago, Chile (January 4, 2012) - An 84-year American making his
seventh attempt to sail alone around the tip of South America was found
tired but alive by the Chilean Navy on Wednesday after his mast broke far
from land in the South Pacific. The Chilean Navy located Thomas Louis
Corogin on his 32-foot sailboat more than 520 miles (850 kilometers) south
of Easter Island, stranded but in relatively stable weather, with ocean
swells of about 15 feet (5 meters). -- USA Today, full story:

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Jan 11-14 - National Sailing Programs Symposium - Long Beach, CA, USA
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* Ribcraft offers special pricing for yacht clubs and sailing programs
* Sea-Sure to be sole distributor for Schaefer Marine products in UK
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* From David Munge:
The rules for the 2012 Wight Vodka and Scuttlebutt Europe Best bar prize
should have only those who have sailed to all the bar venues be allowed to
vote. How about that for a sailing race?

* From John Rousmaniere:
Concerning the curious Rule 41 (Outside Help) decision in Scuttlebutt 3497,
an ISAF requirement for safety-at-sea seminars is the topic "Giving and
Receiving Aid," covering the legal and ethical obligations of sailors to go
to other sailors' assistance.

The clearest and most succinct rule I know is RRS 1.1: "A boat or
competitor shall give all possible help to any person or vessel in danger."
This admirable "shall" is crippled if a jury is empowered to second-guess
sailors' safety decisions and even impose a penalty.

How is this a good thing?

* From Richard Hinterhoeller:
Regarding Dave Perry's Racing Tips in Scuttlebutt 3497, I think the
rule-makers should consider the unintended consequences of rule 41.

In an ideal world, boat Z would execute a quick-stop crew recovery and
resume racing. The victim, if a knowledgeable sailor, would decline the
offer of assistance from boat T so that boat Z would not break rule 41.

In the real world boat Z is now down two crew, the victim and someone
watching him. The now stressed short-handed crew have to execute a complex
sequence of manoeuvres. Chances are that something will go wrong,
potentially causing a fatal delay.

The latter is certainly how it played out one race when we were boat T in a
similar scenario. Within 45 seconds of slipping overboard the victim had
declined our offer of rescue. Having, in an unrelated incident, been the
crew overboard I too would have declined assistance. At 45 seconds wet you
don't recognize how quickly your situation is deteriorating. You're mad at
yourself for causing your boat to lose positions recovering you so you are
not going to cause your boat to be disqualified as a result of accepting
outside help.

When every second counts, you're not going to think things through, you're
going to react based upon your training. Rule 41 inadvertently trains the
victim to decline rescue from another boat.

Before someone causes himself to drown I think rule 41 should be altered to
permit boat T to rescue the victim without disqualifying boat Z.

* From Chuck Lantz:
Concerning the America's Cup race course announcement (Scuttlebutt 3498),
why am I not surprised? And what's the deal with the aversion to reaching
legs by practically every contemporary course planner? I've heard all the
usual excuses about reaching legs being parades, but if the AC planners are
looking for drama, what better than blast reaches by the monster boats?

Besides that, I just recently read somewhere that they were adding reaching
legs, and now this news puts that out of the picture. That, plus the news
that fewer than one million viewers watched the ACWS on YouTube, doesn't
bode well for the actual AC, at least at this point.

Regarding their leaning towards putting at least part of the show near
Fisherman's Wharf, hasn't anyone on their team noticed that there is very
little area there where people can see the Bay? Besides a couple of pier
ends, as in San Diego, most views are blocked on both sides.

All this could have, and should have, been anticipated and addressed
early-on, when the San Francisco Board of Supervisors had the opportunity
to include a strong oversight component into the mix, rather than handing
practically everything involving course planning over to the ACEA.

At the early public presentations, every speaker, from Mayor Newsom and
Larry Ellison on down, heavily touted "the view" and the "amphitheater
quality" for the spectators on shore. That emphasis has apparently
cooled-off a whole bunch.

NOTE: Posted today in the SF Chronicle: "Under a set of boundaries outlined
in the event's final environmental impact report, the yachts will stick
close to the waterfront. The course is roughly bounded by the Embarcadero,
Piers 27 to 29, an area north of Alcatraz Island and a spot just beyond the
Golden Gate Bridge." --

* From Lucia Nebel White, 88 year old Star Boat sailor:
I was very touched by the article that Chris Caswell wrote for Sailing
Magazine "Growing the Sport", reprinted in Scuttlebutt 3497.

It reminded me of the time when I took a young boy, age 12, to Cape Cod
with us, and I taught him how to sail. His parents were having a divorce at
the time, and my husband said "Let's take him with us - he is having a
rough time."

He became a good sailor and later on bought a 50 foot Cutter. He asked me
to come on the boat and go through the Panama Canal with him and his wife.
They had sailed the boat down from Sausalito, Ca to Balboa, Panama City -
and were going through the Canal and heading east.

I was so excited to be asked because my father, who was the sculptor, had
made the bronze Placque in the Gaillard Cut, and I had never been through
the canal to see it in place!

This young man also named his boat for me - and gave back to me two fold
for teaching him to sail.

* From Peter Commette:
Chris Caswell, in Scuttlebutt 3497, stirs passions, as good writers do.
However, I disagree. Our sport still is filled at every level with those
older sailors who say, "Hey, wanna go sailing?"

The tradition Chris believes challenged for more has plenty and is
thriving, from old and washed up sailors contributing to our youth programs
with time, money, and/or sail-alongs, to older gods doing the same (Bill
Koch, Gary Jobson, Augie Diaz, Tom Lihan), to our sport's gods in their
prime (Russell Coutts, James Spithill, Ed Baird, Anna Tunnicliffe-Funk,
Brad Funk), to top youths helping the even younger ones (Williford
brothers, Mac Agnese, Wade Waddell, Luke Lawrence), to various sailboat
classes (Melges-32's, Snipes, Lightnings, Scows).

Meanwhile, there is a strong trend for yacht clubs to open their youth
programs to non-member children; yacht club walls are not holding youth
development back. Chris, don't be so curmudgeonly.

NOTE: Peter hails from Lauderdale Yacht Club in south Florida, a club that
appears to be doing well due to the examples he mentions above.

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