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SCUTTLEBUTT 3687 - Monday, October 1, 2012

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Scott Ostler, a sports columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, was
considering why there were so few Americans in the America's Cup. However,
the story he published sparks a conversation that goes well beyond the
America's Cup, and discusses issues aimed at the root of sailing in
I found a man with an interesting opinion. Zach Berkowitz is a
world-champion sailor (I-14), former TV weatherman, and the creator of the
website Zach is a homeboy, grew up sailing the waters off
SFO with John Kostecki. He knows the game. So what's wrong?

"There's no more street ball," Berkowitz said.

He explained that when he was a kid, sailing was an adventure undertaken
for adventure's sake, far away from parents and coaches. But sailing went
the way of baseball and basketball and soccer. It evolved (devolved?) into
a sport where the kiddies are coached and parented to a fare-thee-well.

"The problem is over-coaching," Berkowitz said. "When I was a kid, we'd
sail from the San Francisco Yacht Club to Richmond, get back at midnight.
Our parents might get worried and call the Coast Guard, but we'd be back
doing it the next week.

"We'd get a rush putting the big spinnaker up and seeing how fast we could
go before we'd crash. We'd push and push and push, to get that extra rush."

Now, for kids who enjoy pushing, and adventure, there are sexier options
than sailing. What we do now with li'l sailors, Berkowitz said, is, "We
keep 'em in smaller, slower boats. They don't sail on their own. They lack
the creative elements."

Australia and New Zealand are pumping out the top sailors.

"The mentality in Australia and New Zealand is to push, to learn to
understand speed and what happens," Berkowitz said. "They put (kids) in
high-performance boats when they're growing up, pushing the fun level."

As Berkowitz sees it, the new school of American sailing is a betrayal of
the very spirit of California and the Bay Area.

"No one takes any risks," Berkowitz said. "Part of Silicon Valley and
California is taking risks, going outside the box. Today (in youth sailing)
it's not about risks, it's about moving down the path we have determined."

How sad is that? America, with the Bay Area complicit, has rendered itself
irrelevant in big-time sailing by abandoning our roots and heritage. We
have wimped out.

Surely there are other reasons for the dearth of U.S. sailors on America's
Cup boats. The sport has become much more athletic over the years, and the
most athletic American kids gravitate to the most popular sports. It's hard
to imagine that Buster Posey, Michael Vick and LeBron James, had they opted
for Little League sailing, could not have developed into world-class

Still, our country used to produce sailors who pushed envelopes, damn the
torpedoes. Ted Turner, who skippered Courageous to the '77 Cup win, was
such an out-of-control sailor as a child that he was nicknamed the Capsize
Kid. Look where that approach got him, in life and in the America's Cup.

American sailing has a fever and there's only one prescription: more
swashbuckle. Either that or we must teach our young sailors to speak
Australian, mate. Full story:

BROADCAST: Details for this week's AC World Series event in San Francisco
)Oct. 3-7) are now revealed. The races on Wednesday will be available by
VirtualEye only, with the racing on Thursday through Sunday picked up by 35
networks throughout the world. In the U.S., commentators Gary Jobson and
Todd Harris will host the YouTube broadcast on Thursday through Saturday,
and then will move over to NBC to host the 'Super Sunday' final races.

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Newport, RI (September 29, 2012) - The final day of competition at the 2012
Melges 32 World Championship, hosted by the New York Yacht Club (NYYC), had
spectators on the edge of their seats for the last race of the ten part
racing series. John Kilroy, Jr. on Samba Pa Ti triumphed over the
thirty-three strong fleet to claim the class' most coveted trophy and title
- that of Melges 32 World Champion.

The top five teams entered the penultimate day of the Melges 32 World
Championship on Friday separated by only three points, but after three
races the spread grew to 23 points. With one race remaining on Saturday,
the title looked like it would now be between only two boats.

Only five points separated John Kilroy's Samba Pa Ti and Alec Cutler's
Hedgehog, two teams that had experienced very different regattas. Kilroy's
team had been surging since their 20th in the opening race, posting top two
scores in five of the nine races. However, no team matched Cutler's
consistency, whose worst score had been a 7th.

Overcast skies with light and shifty breezes provided the landscape for the
finale. Kilroy's team controlled the tempo, keeping Cutler behind them from
start to finish to secure the title. "We've worked so hard for so long to
accomplish this." commented Kilroy during the awards ceremony. "We won in
Key West, then felt as though we were a little off track. Officially, we
are back where we need to be with this incredible win, a win I consider one
of the most treasured I have ever won."

Kilroy was joined onboard by tactician Paul Goodison and crew Federico
Michetti, Harry Melges III, Luca Faravelli, Martino Tortarolo, Justin Smart
and Marco Carpinello.

Final results - top 10 of 33 (Skipper/Tactician)
1. John Kilroy, Jr, Samba Pa Ti (USA); [20]-8-1-12-1-1-1-2-8-5, 39
2. Alec Culter, Hedgehog (BER); 5-7-2-4-7-6-4-4-[11]-10, 49
3. Steve Howe, Warpath (USA); 2-15-4-7-8-3-8-3-12-[20], 62
4. Benjamin Schwartz, Pisces (USA); 4-1-[19]-2-4-13-11-14-2 19, 70
5. Pieter Taselaar, Bliksem (USA); 7-16-6-11-5-11-7-1-9-[18], 73
6. William Douglass, Goombay Smash (USA); 3-3-12-[29]-9-9-3-21-7-14, 81
7. Vincenzo Onorato, Mascalzone Latino (ITA); 12-2-13-19-19-7-6-5-1-[22],84
8. Andrea Pozzi/, Bombarda (ITA); 1-6-9-3-2-26-21-6-[30]-16, 90
9. Edoardo Lupi, Torpyone (ITA); 8-4-3-6-[22]-22-22-19-6-2, 92
10. R. Tomassini Grinover, Robertissima (SUI);6-21-5-20-3-14-16-9-3-[24],97
Complete results:
Event details:

Marseille, France (September 29, 2012) - Reigning ISAF Match Racing World
Champion Ian Williams (GBR) overcame a spirited performance by young Kiwi
William Tiller and torrential conditions to win the Final of Match Race
France. It was Williams' fourth podium finish in five events this season
which propels his GAC Pindar team to the top of the Alpari World Match
Racing Tour (AWMRT) standings as the Tour heads into its penultimate event
this week in Bermuda.

Williams arrived in the Final off the back of a hard-fought Semi-Final
victory against Keith Swinton (AUS). Light conditions delayed the race
start, eventually forcing the Race Committee to shorten the Final to a
'first to two points' format. "We're super happy to get the win," said
Williams. "It was good for us that we didn't have to go out and win another
one but I think we would have if we'd had to."

"That win has put us firmly in the hunt now and that's what we wanted.
Every year it seems the guy that gets the early lead in the Tour tends to
drop out towards the end. One year we had a 30 point lead and ended up
going to Malaysia in 2nd place. Same for [Francesco] Bruni last year and
this year it's happened to Bjorn [Hansen]. He had a strong lead but dropped
off his form in the last two regattas. It'll be interesting to see who else
is in the mix in December but you suspect whoever wins between us and
Bjorn's team in Malaysia will take the season title."

The Argo Group Gold Cup gets underway in Hamilton Harbour, Bermuda this
week with the first Qualifying Session taking place on Tuesday 2 October.
-- Full report:

Pewaukee, WI (September 30, 2012) - In what appeared to be a runaway for
the 2012 C-Scow National Champion Ed Eckert, the 2011 E-Scow National
Champion August Barkow, had other plans for Sunday's finale at the
Championship of Champions in Wisconsin. Barkow chipped away at Eckert's 19
point lead from the start of today's racing. However, his late surge came
up just short as Eckert held on for the victory by two points.

The 2012 event, sailed in C-Scows, enjoyed improved sailing conditions on
Sunday in comparison to the light winds on Friday and Saturday. The fleet
racked up five more races to complete a total of 11 races. Tops among the
non-scow teams was 2009 Championship of Champions winner, Skip Dieball, who
made a late run at the title with crew Jeff Eiber. The 2011 Thistle and
Highlander National Champion finished third, six points behind Eckert.

Final report:
Final results:

The Summit 40, "Soozal" owned by Dan Woolery topped the IRC 2 class at San
Francisco's Big Boat Series this past week, while on the East Coast, "Down
Time", a Summit 40 owned by Ed Freitag took the top spot in IRC 2 at the
Long Island Sound IRC Championships. Soozal just keeps adding to the
impressive list of wins that she has amassed since being built several
years ago, and "Down Time", a much more recent build, is on its way to a
stellar list of successes. Check out the Summit 40 and the other great
boats in the Summit line at

Full details of the candidates for the elections of President and
Vice-President of the International Sailing Federation, to be held in Dun
Laoghaire, Ireland in November 2012, are now available on the ISAF website.
The election for President and the seven Vice-Presidents, will take place
at the ISAF General Assembly on 10 November 2012.

The ISAF Officers are voted for by the Member National Authorities (MNAs),
who represent their nation within ISAF. Officers are elected for a
four-year term which will start on 11 November 2012 and end at the next
General Assembly, to be held in November 2016.

In order to be eligible, a candidate must be nominated by five or more ISAF
MNAs. At least two of the elected seven Vice-Presidents must be women.

Nominated as Presidential candidates (3)
Carlo Croce (ITA)
David Kellett (AUS)
Eric Tulla (PUR)

Nominated as Vice-President candidates (14)
George Andreadis (GRE)
Chris Atkins (GBR)
Marcelien Bos-De Koning (NED)
Adrienne Greenwood (NZL)
Nuno G Henriques (POR)
Oleg Ilyin (RUS)
Nazli Imre (TUR)
Gary Jobson (USA)
Jose Leandro (POR)
Quanhai Li (CHN)
W Scott Perry (URU)
Alberto Predieri (ITA)
Gerardo Seeliger (ESP)
Riccardo Simoneschi (ITA)

Full details:

By Lenny Rudow,
Many boaters get that awful feeling of seasickness every time they leave
the dock, but these tips could keep your lunch where it belongs.

Being seasick stinks, and as the old saying goes, the only sure-fire cure
for seasickness is to hug an oak tree. But if you're a seasickness sufferer
who loves the boating lifestyle, all is not lost. You can always turn to
Dramamine, Scopolamine, and Bonine, right?

Well, maybe. Sea sickness occurs when the inner ear tells the brain that
the body is moving, but the eyes are fixed and stable, telling your brain
that the body should be stable, too-so the gray matter reacts with
confusion, hence the nausea. There are a few things you can do to modify
your boat so that it rolls less, but even so, Navy research has shown that
just one percent of the population does not get motion sickness at all, 10
percent rarely have a problem, and the rest of us have a chance of getting
sick every time we board a boat-no matter how stable it may be. And
unfortunately, those same navy studies have shown that drugs are only
"moderately" effective.

Don't let seasickness get you down - enjoy your time on the water!
So, what else can you do about it? There are some unusual remedies and
homeopathic solutions, which seem to work for significant numbers of
people. Here are five seasickness fixes that could work for you:

Events listed at

* Greenwich, CT (September 30, 2012) - Forty-one teams competed in the
bi-annual Ideal 18 North American Championship, hosted by Indian Harbor
Yacht Club on September 29-30. After sailing his discard in the opening
race, Danny Pletsch rallied in the 8-race series to take the title by four
points over John Bainton. -- Event details:

* (September 30, 2012) - As the final tune-up prior to the Kiteboard Course
Racing World Championship, Adam Koch (USA) won the men's open division of
the 2012 Course Racing European Championship, with Italian Riccardo Leccese
winning the European title. Steph Bridge (GBR) took the women's event.
Light to moderate winds dominated the racing held in La Baule, France. The
racers now move to Sardinia, Italy for the Worlds which begins on Thursday.

* Chicago, IL (September 30, 2012) - The Chicago Match Race Center hosted
two Grade 3 events, Autumn A and Autumn B, on September 27-30. Winning
Autumn A was Anna Tunnicliffe and her team of Debbie Cappozzi, Mike Rehe,
and Tyler Black. Winning Autumn B was Don Wilson and his team of Sally
Barkow, Tod Reynolds, Eric Shampain and Jennifer Wilson. --

* The Grenada Sailing Festival Board will replace its Keelboat Racing
Series with a new event called the Grenada Sailing Week on February 1-5,
2013, with race courses making the most of the great sailing conditions
around the western and southern coast of Grenada. -- Event website:

It's time to plan your winter escape to Quantum Key West 2013. Enjoy the
best of competition, unique shoreside fun and South Florida's sunshine and
dependable breezes. Early entries include strong IRC, High Performance, and
One Design programs. Don't miss the fun! January 20-25, 2013. Entries and

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* From John Cladianos:
Hats off to my boat yard next door neighbor, and general all around
practically sensible friend John Clauser! I couldn't agree more (regarding
John's comments in Scuttlebutt 3686 about going back to PHRF for the Rolex
Big Boat Series).

* From Jack Griffin:
Regarding the ETNZ rules blog in Scuttlebutt 3686, I have reached out to
Russell Green that his explanation of rights at the windward mark is wrong.
I explain the rule with a diagram from Jos Spijkerman and a short video:

It's not the boat that gets to the zone first who has rights, but who is
the inside overlapped boat, regardless of who got to the zone first.
Although my video describes a single mark, as was used in Naples, the rule
is the same for both marks that make up a gate - inside overlapped boats
have rights to mark room.

EDITOR'S NOTE: ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing AC Edition Version 1.13 were
approved September 28, 2012. Here is a copy:

* From Frederic Berg:
Gee, the guys with all the resources in the world want to simplify the
rules (Sbutt 3686). If that doesn't send a message to ISAF, I'll make it
clear: "ISAF, simplify the rules."

* From David Hammond:
I had the pleasure of sharing the same apartment with Rambo (8 Bells, Sbutt
3685) in Hawaii and remember when he first moved in with his magazines of
combat fighting and others; at first he scared the crap out of us. Within
days we all realized what a gentle giant he was. John was the definitely
the "T" in teamwork and would do anything for anyone that asked. We will
never forget that great smile at the end of every day.

If a pessimist thinks the glass is half empty and an optimist thinks the
glass is hall full, the engineer questions why the glass is twice as big as
it needs to be.

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