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SCUTTLEBUTT 3679 - Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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The High Performance Rule (HPR), in development for two years, seeks to
meet the needs of rating today's modern high performance monohulls for the
highest level of international racing. Dobbs Davis explains the findings
from the rule's latest test.
This year's Rolex Big Boat Series (Sept 6-9) in San Francisco offered dual
IRC and HPR scoring for competitors in the IRC C Class, the so-called Fast
Forties. The dual-scoring exercise was conducted to examine if this new
rating system would be more effective at rating boats that are
offshore-capable, yet still be regarded as high-performance: HPR-type boats
have high Sail Area to Displacement and Sail Area to Length ratios, and are
typically planing off the wind yet also stable enough to have good upwind
performance as well. This is in contrast to the heavier, dual-purpose
typeform preferred by IRC in this size range.

Entries in Class C included the following boat types - J/125, Farr 400, SC
37, and 1D35 - which were spread over 35 to 41 feet in length, and varied
in weight from 2970 kg (6550 lbs) for the 1D35 to 4492 kg (9903 lbs) for
the SC 37. There were two windward-leeward races held daily Thursday
through Saturday, with the morning race held in a typical breeze building
from 10 to 16 knots, and an afternoon race held in a typical breeze at
16-22 knots in strength. Sunday's single "Bay tour" race was also held in a
building breeze, with course content including some reaching. The current
was mostly in flood conditions, making windward legs proportionally longer
than leeward legs, and for relatively flat water.

HPR ratings were calculated using the latest Version 3C rating calculator,
which can be downloaded at There are measurements for
select HPR-style designs on a page of this calculator, which have been
taken from IRC, ORR and ORCi certificates where available. This rating
calculator is a public and transparent means of generating an HPR rating by
comparing each of the boat's measurements to those of a pre-determined
typeform design that represents what the HPR deems is the fastest
offshore-capable boat of its size.

Ratings are expressed in linear meters, but converted to a single-number
ToT handicap, which gets multiplied against Elapsed Time to arrive at
Corrected Time.

The attached IRC C graph plots the corrected time difference from the
winning boat for each race in both IRC and HPR. While there was no overall
change in the winning results - Peter Kreuger and Andy Costello's J/125
Double Trouble still wins the event - there is considerable compression of
the corrected time deltas in HPR compared to IRC. Moreover, Bernard Girod's
Farr 400 Rock & Roll, which was fourth in IRC, takes second using HPR

This corroborates with on-water observations made during the series: Rock &
Roll did better in the morning races with a higher proportion of time spent
racing downwind in the residual ebb and/or weak flood tide (Races 1, 3 &
5), whereas the longer and heavier J/125's did better in the remaining
afternoon races with more time spent racing upwind due to the stronger

Even the two smaller boats in the class - the SC 37 Tiburon and 1D35 Alpha
Puppy - did better in HPR scoring than in IRC. For all boats the
compression rate in corrected time was 20-25%. -- Read on:

With so much discussion about improving the manner in how sailing events
are broadcast, Scuttlebutt got curious about what people would prefer to
watch. And to keep this simple, we considered only the three sailing events
with the highest international profile:

* America's Cup - match racing in catamarans
* Olympics - one design racing, 9 fleet race events and 1 match race event
* Volvo Ocean Race - around the world race in crewed keelboats

We conducted this poll in 2010, and the overwhelming preference (48.16%)
was for the Volvo Ocean Race. As one voter wrote, "Just the fact that these
guys could die out there brings the kind of drama that television needs to
engage an audience. And face it - our society has a sick obsession with
carnage. There is a reason highways pile up with traffic when an accident
occurs even if it is not blocking the roadway, people rubberneck. The
thrill the Volvo brings, racing in the harshest conditions on the planet,
is definitely the best option for broadcast."

At the time of the 2010 poll, there weren't recent broadcast samples for
these three events, so the poll was based more on what people thought they
might like. But since all three events have showcased their broadcast
product this year, we wondered if the poll results might change.

And change they did, with the Emmy award winning AC World Series broadcast
convincing the majority of voters that this would be their preferred show
to watch (40.5%). Overall, the voting was much closer, and it is likely the
quality of the America's Cup broadcast gave it an edge. However, this
voter's comment indicates that drama is also part of the appeal. "Where
else do you see races when the hulls come apart, where masts break, sails
tear and equipment fails on a massive scale. All in boats costing tens of
millions. It satisfies the schadenfreude instinct of every sailor."

2010 poll:
2012 poll:

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you were like us, and were unsure what 'schadenfreude'
meant, it is defined as "A malicious satisfaction obtained from the
misfortunes of others."

For the first time ever, the O'Pen BIC World Championships is coming to
North America. Hosted by Miami Yacht Club on October 31-November 3, over
120 competitors are already registered. If you are a sailing program
looking to boost your attendance in 2013, take advantage of significant
fleet savings on Worlds charter boats. The O'Pen BIC uses new-age design
and recyclable materials in a rocket-ship hull and contemporary rig. Just
two minutes to rig, completely self-bailing, no maintenance, and less
expensive. Most importantly, the kids LOVE the O'Pen BIC. For more
information or to reserve your fleet, contact

Following the failure of the USA team to claim a single medal at the 2012
Olympic Games, changes are already being made to the team's administration.
The first move was pre-determined, as Dean Brenner's position as Chairman
of the U.S. Olympic team had reached its two term limit. The swift
announcement of his replacement, Josh Adams, provided needed stability. But
this next announcement comes with more surprise.

Effective September 18, Kenneth Andreasen has been released from his
position of High Performance Director/Head Coach at US Sailing. "After
careful consideration, it is clear that we need to take a new direction on
the performance side of the Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Program," said
Adams. "That direction will include a sharper focus on the performance
development of sailors and classes, boatspeed, and being a technically
superior team."

"Kenneth has been committed and dedicated to U.S. Olympic Sailing,"
continued Adams. "He deserves credit for, among other things, his emphasis
on class teamwork and fitness, positives in our program that we will
continue to build on. Kenneth is a consummate pro, and I wish him well in
the next step of his career." -- Complete announcement:

Chicago, IL (September 18, 2012) - With a storm clearing the area
overnight, crisp air and a sparkling Lake Michigan set the stage for an
action-packed second day of competition at the 2012 Rolex Farr 40 World

"The lake is very deep out in the middle," said Principal Race Officer
Peter "Luigi" Reggio (Essex, Conn.) who likened Lake Michigan to an inland
sea and explained that not having tides, current or shallow spots on the
race course also means that local knowledge is not a major factor when
racing in Chicago. "But it shoals up for about 20 miles and is only 30-40
feet deep, so when it blows out of the north the waves pile up as they get
into the shallow water and they get pretty steep and nasty. For here
[Chicago], that's the big issue."

With a 20-22 knot northwesterly breeze gusting to 28, 8 to 12 foot seas
materialized, and, as the breeze was expected to decrease over the course
of the day, the race committee stuck close to the day's timing plan.
Leading the overall standings after five races is local Helmut Jahn on
Flash Gordon 6, the only team to carry only single-digit finishes on their
scoreline. Defending world champion Guido Belgiorno-Nettis (AUS) on
Transfusion is nine points back.

Racing resumes Wednesday, September 19 at 11:00 a.m. and concludes
Thursday, September 20, 2012, when winner of the Rolex Farr 40 World
Championship will be crowned. -- Full report:

Current Results - Top 5 of 20 (after 5 races)
1. Flash Gordon 6, Helmut Jahn, USA, 2-6-3-6-3; 20
2. Transfusion, Guido Belgiorno-Nettis, AUS, 1-4-8-12/ZFP-4; 29
3. Enfant Terrible, Alberto Rossi, ITA, 3-3-4-3-19; 32
4. Groovederci, John Demourkas, USA, 5-7-15-9-1; 37
5. PLENTY, Alexander Roepers, USA, 9-9-12-1-10; 41
Complete results:

RALLY: After winning the Farr 40 Pre-Worlds, Jim Richardson's Barking Mad
team found themselves at the bottom of the Worlds standings after the first
day. However, they had their rally caps on today, posting the second best
score (6-5-5) to move up from 20th to 9th overall.

Rochester, NY (September 18, 2012) - Brazilian Mauricio Santa Cruz on
Bruschetta held his spot on the top of the leader board on day 2 of the
Quantum Loop Solutions J/24 World Championship at the Rochester Yacht Club
in New York. Maintaining remarkable consistency in the 96-boat fleet, Santa
Cruz has yet to finish out of the top ten, scoring a 9-1 today to build a
23 point lead after two days racing.

In the day's first race, Mike Marshall (USA) on TBD claimed the top spot,
followed by Tony Parker (USA) on Bangor Packet and Paul Scalisi (USA) on
Rabit Cson Duck Cson. In Race 2 Mauricio Santa Cruz crossed the finish line
first. Rossi Milev (CAN) on Clear Air was second and Matias Seguel (ARG) on
Guru trailed him.

Conditions on Lake Ontario started at 4-6 knots and settled in at 10 to 12
for race two and as high as 18 to 20 knots for a short time in a squall at
the end of Race 2. Racing continues through Friday, and 10 total races are
planned. Live updates are available. -- Full report:

Current Results - Top 10 of 96 (after 4 races)
1. Bruschetta, Mauricio Santa Cruz (BRA), 18 points
2. Scaramoush, Luis Olcese (PER), 41
3. JJone, Frithjof Schade (GER), 43
4. 11th Hour Racing, John Mollicone (USA), 52
5. 3 Big Dogs, Pat Toole (USA), 60
6. Bangor Packet, Tony Parker (USA), 63
7. ELVIS, Nicolas Cubria (ARG), 64
8. Long Shot, John Poulson (USA), 69
9. Team Tarheel, Peter Bream (USA), 72
10. TBD, Mike Marshall (USA), 73
Complete results:

Southern Spars is bringing their passion, design, technology and
performance to the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show, stand QJ03, New Zealand Street.
Our sales and marketing team are on-hand for any inquiries you have about
Southern Spars' products and services, from the new and now
proven-in-competition TPT technology to our EC6 composite rigging. Please
contact for more info.

America's Cup history will repeat itself this week when the 2012 12 Metre
North American Championships feature two of sailing's most famous skippers,
Ted Turner and Dennis Conner, reuniting with their winning tacticians, Gary
Jobson and Tom Whidden, respectively. Turner, an American media mogul and
philanthropist who is also an America's Cup Legend, will sail American
Eagle, in the Traditional Division at the regatta, while Conner,
affectionately known as "Mr. America's Cup," will sail KZ-7 (Kiwi Magic) in
the Grand Prix division.

The three-day regatta takes place September 21-23 in Newport, Rhode Island
on Rhode Island Sound, where the Cup races were staged from 1930 until
1983. The nine participating 12 Metres will be berthed at Bannister's
Wharf, reminiscent of the glory days when America's Cup legends roamed the
docks there after racing each day.

Turner has won the 12 Metre North Americans for the last two years here,
sailing American Eagle as he did in the late '60s and early '70s to win
most of the world's greatest ocean races with her. His performance in 2011
earned him first place in the Traditional Division as well as the Pine
Brothers Trophy for Best Overall Performance.

"It's a great thrill to reconnect with my long-time friend Ted Turner,"
said Gary Jobson, who served as tactician for Turner when Courageous
handily beat Australia to win the 1977 America's Cup. "Ted is one of the
heroes of our sport. He retired many years ago, but when he is on the water
his competitive drive continues." About Conner, Jobson added, "Dennis
Conner is one of the most successful American sailors of all time. Any time
he is on the water he has a way of lifting every competitor's game." --
Full story:

Posting your event information on the free, self-serve Scuttlebutt Event
Calendar tool is the easiest way to communicate to both sailors and sailing
media. But don't stop there... send us your race reports too. Here are some
of the upcoming events listed on the calendar:
Sept 22-23 - Fall CORK - Kingston, ONT, Canada
Sept 22-23 - J 22 East Coast Championship - Annapolis, MD, USA
Sept 22-23 - Sperry Top-Sider NOOD Regatta - San Francisco, CA, USA
Sept 23 - The American Yacht Club Classic Yacht Regatta - Rye, NY, USA
View all the events at

* The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has updated and enhanced its
ISAF Sailing World Rankings system for fleet racing, and will launch the
new system on 19 September 2012.
The new calculation uses an annual system, a simpler formula and three
possible event grades. -- Full report:

* (September 17, 2012) - Oracle Team USA was able to get their second
training day on their AC72 on Monday. After their inaugural sail on August
31 was cut short due to daggerboard failure, temporary daggerboards were
used during Monday's exercises on San Francisco Bay. The AC72 will return
to the shed now as the team returns to their training on the AC45s in
preparation for the upcoming America's Cup World Series in San Francisco
from October 2-7. The crews will be sailing on the AC45s throughout the
rest of the week. -- Full report/photos:

* The 2012 US Sailing Annual Meeting will be held in San Francisco, CA on
October 31-November 3. The meeting is open to members to meet with the
National Governing Body's leadership and discuss relevant industry topics
facing the sport, exchange ideas, reflect on progress, and look ahead to
future plans. Details:

* The 2013 Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show is coming to Jack London Square
in Oakland, California, Thursday through Sunday, April 11-14, 2013. The
West Coast's largest all-sail boat show features new sailboats, gear,
accessories, hardware, seminars, interactive workshops, and free sailboat
rides. Building on a successive three years of growth, Pacific Sail
officials report last year's Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show held at Jack
London Square boasted a seven percent increase in both attendance at the
gate and exhibitor space sales over the previous year. --

* Twenty-two teams completed six races in light air at the 2012 Snipe North
American Championship on September 14-16 at Etobicoke Yacht Club in
Toronto, Canada. Raul Rios/ Edgar Diminich (PUR) needed a solid final race
and got it, tying on points with Ernesto Rodriguez Anna Sepko (USA) but
taking the title. Carol Cronin/ Kim Couranz (USA) finished third. -- Full

* The Coast Guard is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to
the arrest and conviction of whoever pointed a green laser at a Coast Guard
helicopter Aug. 17 during a routine training mission in Muskegon, Mich.
Pointing a laser at any aircraft is a federal offense punishable by as much
as five years in prison, an $11,000 fine and five years of probation. The
Federal Aviation Administration says laser incidents involving aircraft
increased 902 percent from 2005 to 2011. -- Soundings, read on:

The change of season is in the air. The best sailing happens in the fall
and there's no better time than now to order, receive AND sail with NEW
SAILS before putting the boat away for the winter!

Scuttlebutt strongly encourages feedback from the Scuttlebutt community.
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* From Andy Macdonald:
Kudos to Toby Cooper (Scuttlebutt 3678) for highlighting row-boat guy and
sailor Conn Findlay's world-caliber accomplishments in both sailboat racing
as well as in rowing. His first sailing stint, however, was not with DC. By
1974 (the year of Mariner, that square-tailed 12, most un-turdlike), Conn
was already one of the premiere offshore guys that you'd select as a top
pick for your fantasy crew. He'd done it all - across oceans, America's
Cup, Olympic trials (sailing), Fastnet, etc. on such boats as American
Eagle, Kialoa, Heritage, the Star Class. He was on Courageous in 1977
because he belonged. Conn is legend. The 1,000s of accomplished admirers
that have sailed with him proudly sing his praises. Conn is the ultimate
real deal -- in sailing, in rowing, and in life.

* From Will Baillieu:
On the topic of Conn Findley (Scuttlebutt 3678), I thought you may be
interested to know that the two grinders on Australia II in 1983 were both
Olympic oarsmen. I rowed in the 1972 Munich Games and Brian Richardson
represented in 1976 and 1980. Neither of us were as successful as Conn
Findlay, who won two Olympic Gold Medals (in rowing), but he was often
mentioned to us when we were first trying out for positions on Australia
II. He is certainly a legend in both rowing and sailing. I believe he is
now 82 years old.

Thanks to all of you in the Scuttlebutt nation who pointed out that Dennis
Conner and Conn Findley won the Bronze medal in the Tempest at the 1976
Montreal Olympics, and not the Gold medal as was reported in Scuttlebutt
3678. While we have your attention, join us in wishing DC a happy belated
70th birthday (Sept 16, 1942).

It doesn't matter if the glass is half full or half empty. All I know is
there's clearly more room in the glass for wine.

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