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Published on March 24th, 2013

This summer is sure to launch at least one team of women onto the world stage by sailing against top Open and Women’s International teams. For the first time ever, the skipper that wins the 2013 U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship (USWMRC) will get an automatic invitation to the entire Open Grade 2 Grand Slam Series. They will also receive a seat at the New York Women’s Invitational, the only U.S. stop of the Women’s International Match Race Series (WIMRS), competing against the top women’s teams in the world. And to top it off, they will also receive an invitation to the open US Match Race Championship (USMRC) Finals.

First you have to win the Women’s Championship….
The USWMRC will be held from June 13-16 at the Chicago Match Race Center. Ten teams will be invited for 1.5 days of clinic and practice in the TOM28s, followed by 2.5 days of racing. The focus this year will be to rebuild the women’s match racing event by reaching new match racers and helping bridge the gap between the Open and Women’s match racing circuits.

Requests for invitation must be recieved by April 14, 2013 at the regatta web site: http://championships.ussailing.org/Adult/USWMRC.htm

Winner to receive an invitation to the Open Grand Slam Series…
The organizers of all four Grade 2 Grand Slam events have offered an invitation to the winning skipper of the USWMRC. This opportunity is unprecedented, and offers a unique opportunity for the Championship team to sail against top-ranked International Open skippers on consecutive weekends in August and September in Chicago, Detroit, Manhasset Bay and Oyster Bay NY. If the Champion is unable to attend all four events, drop-downs will be considered.

World’s Best Women to compete at Oakcliff…..
The winner will also receive an invitation to the inaugural Women’s International Match Race Series’ only North American stop at Oakcliff in Oyster Bay New York, July 11-14.  This event will have $10,000 in prize money, and count towards the total $50,000 prize pool for the Series.

Compete for the Open Match Race title at the US Match Race Championship…
Top US Open teams will be competing for the title of US Match Racing Champion, and an automatic invite to the 2014 Grade 3 Ficker Cup, which itself is a qualifier for the 2014 Open Grade 1 Congressional Cup. This gives one lucky women’s team the opportunity to hold both the US Open and Women’s Championship titles!

The prizes up for grab at this year’s USWMRC are unprecedented, and will ensure an outstanding field of competitors. We are also excited to be able to invite 10 teams, allowing room for up and coming Match Racers to test their mettle against the best the US has to offer.


US Women’s Match Racing Championship
Dates: June 13-16
Venue: Chicago Match Race Center
Number of Crew: 5, Weight Limit: 340 kg
Prizes: Invitation to the 2013 New York Women’s Invitational WIMRS, Invitation to the US Grade Two Grand Slam Series (4 events)

Event websites:
US Sailing: http://championships.ussailing.org/Adult/USWMRC.htm
CMRC: http://www.chicagomatchrace.com/events
Request for Invitation Deadline: April 14, 2013
Contact: Suzy Leech- s@leechline.com

CMRC Sailing Director and new Alpari World Match Racing Tour card-holder, Taylor Canfield will coach a one and a half day clinic before the event and be available as an event coach to all competitors for tips and match racing advice on the water. Tom 28’s are sailed with five women, and offer a unique opportunity for teams looking to train and compete in bigger boats, especially as the event falls before this year’s lineup of Open and International Women’s regattas.

Because we know many of you are new to the Tom 28’s, there will be a focus on boat handling in addition to match racing tactics. During the clinic, we will also try to rotate experienced CMRC members and staff through the boats to get you up to speed.

We can help you put together a team or place you with a skipper. Additionally, if you want to come in town early and charter a boat for practice, we have “out of town” membership options, which include coaching and charter packages- see http://www.chicagomatchrace.com/.

To request an invitation to the USWMRC, visit the event website: http://championships.ussailing.org/Adult/USWMRC.htm

For information about CMRC, contact Maggie Shea: Maggie@chicagomatchrace.com.

US Grade 2 Grand Slam Series
This series consists of four consecutive Open Grade 2 events. The skipper with the highest combined score from the Grand Slam Series (best 3 finishes) wins an invitation to 2014 Congressional Cup and 2014 AWMRT Chicago Match Cup. See http://www.usamatchracing.com for more information about the US Grand Slam Series.

1. Chicago Match Race Center Grand Slam- Aug 16-18
Website:   http://chicagomatchrace.com/events/
Contact: Maggie Shea Maggie@chicagomatchrace.com

2. Detroit Cup – August 22-25
Website:   http://www.detroitcup.com/detroitcup/pdf/2013_RFI_Detroit_Cup.pdf
Contact: TheDetroitCup@byc.com

3. Knickerbocker Cup – Aug 29- Sept 1
Website: http://www.manhassetbayyc.org/Default.aspx?p=DynamicModule&pageid=322250&ssid=215354&vnf=1
Contact: Sue Miller  suemiller.srm@gmail.com

4. Oakcliff International Invitational – Sept 4-8
Website: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e6qv3hv95b5c4406&llr=gstinjdab
Contact: Bill Simon bsimon@oakcliffsailing.org

New York Women’s Invitational – WIMRS
Regatta four of the five event Women’s International Match Racing Series (WIMRS), and the only US stop of this innagural international Match Race series.
Dates: July 11-14, 2013
Venue: Oakcliff Sailing Center
Number of Crew: 6 or 7, Weight limit: 900lbs
Prizes: $10,000, and points toward the WIMRS Championship
Event website: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e70863upa831dfbd

WIMRS Series website: http://www.wimrs.com/
Contact: Bill Simon- bsimon@oakcliffsailing.org

US Match Racing Championship
Dates: Sep 18-22, 2013
Venue: Sail Sheboygan
Number of Crew: 3-4; Weight Limit: 578lbs
Prizes: Prince of Wales Bowl, and an invitation to the 2014 Ficker Cup
USMRC website: http://championships.ussailing.org/Adult/USMRC.htm
Contact: Kathy Lindgren- kathy.lindgren@wi.rr.com

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