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A little history
Scuttlebutt Sailing News provides major sailing news, commentary, opinions, features and dock talk …with a North American focus.

Scuttlebutt Sailing News was first launched in 1997, well before regatta organizers and the sailing media had embraced the Internet. Email had just emerged, and the early focus of the e-Newsletter for founder Tom Leweck was Southern California, but as interest in the publication grew both nationally and internationally, so did the content.

Rather than waiting each month for the print magazine, sailors could now enjoy email updates in near real time. The manner in how the sport of sailing would be reported was forever altered.

Much has changed since those early days. Craig Leweck joined “the firm” in late 2002, launching the Scuttlebutt website which provided another means for sailors to view the newsletter plus offering a home for all archived news.

Craig took over primary editing duties in 2006, with Tom fully retired (again) in 2010. The website was significantly upgraded in 2013 to give stories a home, with the e-Newsletter distributing the top posts. Additional website features can be found in the navigation area.

Despite the globalization of the sport, our roots remain in North America, with content selected to emphasize the events and stories of most interest to sailors on this continent. We strive to update the website daily which also updates Scuttlebutt’s social media channels.

Our difference
Since our launch in 1997, integrity has always been critical at Scuttlebutt. We take seriously our mission to strengthen the sailing community by way of delivering trustworthy and responsible content. According to Google search engine, Scuttlebutt is a top ranked website for sailing news.

The internet has changed since our launch, but we hope that we never do. Our respect for the sport and the people who participate in it is too important to jeopardize. We appreciate the support we receive and will continue our work to leave the sport in good hands for the next generation.

Where to read
The website is the source for immediate information, with stories than pushed out to Facebook, Twitter, and RSS aggregators. For  a download of information, we suggest subscribing to the free e-Newsletter to be delivered to your email inbox. Click here to learn about email subscription options. You can also read the latest newsletter (and all the back issues) on the Scuttlebutt website.

Contributing to Scuttlebutt
If you have a story, a photo, an idea… contact us. At Scuttlebutt World Headquarters, we spend each work day cultivating the items sent to us, and scanning the Internet for content and imagery. The success of Scuttlebutt is largely due to our community of readers and their commitment to promote the sport.

Advertising opportunities
Scuttlebutt strives to provide quality content that is supportive of the sport, which has attracted an esteemed and active audience. The credibility of our publication, and the quality of our readership, provides the ideal landscape for your advertising program.

Advertising opportunities include text ads in the Scuttlebutt newsletter and banner ads on the Scuttlebutt website.

In each issue of the Scuttlebutt newsletter, a limited number of text ads are inserted in the body of each issue. Each issue of the Scuttlebutt newsletter is distributed by email and posted on the Scuttlebutt website. All newsletters are also archived on the website, with every issue since 1998 available to view, and regularly rated by search engines.

All Scuttlebutt content is also posted separately on the website, which attracts traffic from the newsletter, social media, RSS, and search engines. Scuttlebutt is the #1 ranked website for sailing news.

The Scuttlebutt website allows for a limited number of banner ads which are positioned on most pages of the website, which includes news reports, newsletter index, photo galleries, videos, nautical library, suggested suppliers list, etc.

Scuttlebutt focuses on North America, which benefits advertisers that are focusing on this continent. For more information contact our advertising department.

Contact Information:
Inbox Communications, Inc.
3346 Ullman Street
San Diego, CA 92106
Ph/Fax: 619-299-5678
Craig Leweck, Editor/Publisher (CLeweck)

News: editor@sailingscuttlebutt.com
Advertising: advertising@sailingscuttlebutt.com
Subscription: subscribe@sailingscuttlebutt.com
General Information: info@sailingscuttlebutt.com

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