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Advice on how to use the new Scuttlebutt website

Published on March 25th, 2013

Dear Curmudgeon,
I was a regular and loyal follower of Scuttlebutt. I would start my day by reading it while having my coffee. Loved the format of having sailing news at the top of the website with photos and videos on the side and the guest commentary at the bottom. It had great flow. If I wanted to get into something in more detail I’d go to Dock Talk. You offered what was easy to follow daily sailing news and covered a wide range from grand prix racing, dinghy (high school and collegiate) sailing, ocean racing, cruising, etc. I felt I could stay up on sailing goings on across the board with one stop to Scuttlebutt.

The new format just looks like a web site and I can’t figure out what is what. Don’t need the big video things jumping out at the top. It has no flow any longer. Just my opinion.



Dear Butthead,
Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. While the layout of the website has changed, the newsletter has not changed. Yes, you do need to now navigate to it, but it is still there. At the top of the site is the menu option “NEWSLETTER’. Put your cursor on that tab and you will find it.

Since you like to read the newsletter on the website, we hope you enjoy the additional features that the site now provides. We are posting photos and videos as we receive them, and each post now has tools that allow you to share them with friends, and comment directly to the post.

Also, if you want to see each post in its chronological order, put the cursor on the HOME tab and click on LATEST POSTS.

Hope this helps.



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