Ryan Breymaier: Crossing an ocean full of trees

Published on July 21st, 2013

Following the purchase of the 73-foot trimaran from the America’s Cup Artemis Racing team, prominent offshore racer Ryan Breymaier was instrumental in preparing Tritium Racing’s “Lending Club” for its 2013 Transpac race elapsed time record attempt.

The effort came a bit short, and Ryan comments on what went right and what went wrong, and offers his thoughts on L’Hydroptere plans to cross the Pacific. Here are some excerpts from an interview on Pressure Drop…

* Was it a bit of a disappointment not getting the record or was the goal to have a quick ride and if you got the record so be it?

RB: Yeah, the whole goal was the record but as you know, we unfortunately ran into all these floating logs, telephone poles whatever you want to call it, and our whole goal was the record as there wasn’t really any competition otherwise. It’s a real shame as John (owner John Sangmeister) and I are two years into this, to get the boat , get it in shape and get sailing and all that. But the whole objective was to get the record, so it is a bit of a shame, but it is what it is and we had a nice ride over here, a great experience and a quick cruise over, so no regrets!

* What is the sensation like to sail the boat?

RB: I think the best way to describe it is like when you are taking off in an airplane, and the pilot hits the throttle and the plane starts hurling down the runway, that’s what it feels like for days at a time! It never really takes off, but it vibrates and shudders like that and the sensation of acceleration, ya know? That’s the best way to describe it, that and when you are down below, it’s like sleeping on a subway!

* Let’s talk about obstacles, can you describe the 1st to the worst?

RB: Yeah, they were all really bad, all of them tree trunks or telephone poles, all about that size. Some of which were rotten and some were not. The first one we hit exploded and we broke it in two. That one was like 10″ inches in diameter. The biggest one he hit with the centerboard dagger was 16-18 inches in diameter, and it was so solid we thought the rig had fallen down, it made such a loud noise and turned the board back into the case and it took a lot of work to free the board out of the case. It was a pretty massive amount of problems you know.

* What would be your guess if L’ Hydroptere were to hit one of those logs during their attempt?

RB: (Pauses) Destruction of boat and loss of life. Honestly. I would say if they destroy a foil and pitch-pole and have people in the water. They are playing with fire to try to sail that boat at full speed across an ocean full of trees!

Full interview: http://www.pressure-drop.us/forums/content.php?3683-Ryan-Breymaier-Interview

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