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Published on June 25th, 2014

by Don Finkle, RCR Yachts
The other day I corresponded with an individual about his frustration with regattas that did not have any championship attached to them. I can understand his point of view, as from his perspective, he does not want to make the effort if the regatta doesn’t mean anything. However, I don’t entirely agree with him.

He happens to be a championship caliber sailor, but for every one like him, there are ten (or more) sailors who make up fleets he sails in that will rarely, if ever, make the podium. Should they forever be doomed to the trash heap of the bottom of the score sheet because they do not have his talent, experience, or the time and resources to get to his level?

The truth is that the average sailor would like to sail in events from time to time where they have a chance to be relevant. In effect, sailing against their peers. The fact that there is no championship attached just might keep the hotshots away so that the Average Joe or Jane sailor gets to sniff some clear air for a change. The bottom line as we see it is there needs to be a spectrum of events that have different levels of importance tied to them, so more sailors are better served.

In the end, unless you are a professional sailor, we do this for fun, and if it ain’t fun we just may lose another sailor to golf or tennis or whatever.

Source: RCR Yachts Racer’s News

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