Proposals for the Next Rule Book

Published on August 4th, 2014

by Rob Overton, Chairman, U.S. Racing Rules Committee
The US Sailing Racing Rules Committee has prepared seven Submissions to ISAF for changing the Racing Rules of Sailing. Most of the proposals are for small wording changes (as usual), but two are fairly substantial: another revision of rule 20.1 (Hailing for Room to Tack) and a proposed appendix on Arbitration, pretty much copied from the section on arbitration in Appendix T of the US rulebook.

The proposed changes were approved by the US Sailing Board of Directors on July 21st. They will be considered by the ISAF Racing Rules Committee (RRC) at the Annual Conference in November. The RRC might pass, edit or reject any submissions. They could also send a given submission back to us for further work and resubmission in 2015. Submissions that are approved by ISAF RRC and Council will become effective on January 1, 2017, when the new rulebook comes into force.

Here are the seven Submissions:
Appendix X-Arbitration Proposal
Rule 20.1 Proposal
Rule 30.3 and Other Changes Proposal
Rule 62.1 Proposal
Rule 63.3(a) Proposal
Rule 63.7 Proposal
Rule 90.2(a) Proposal

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