All about Learning and Improving

Published on September 1st, 2014

by Kris Werner, Haarstick Sails
I recently read a quote somewhere that said “I Never Lose, I Win or Learn” or something to this effect. It really hit home with me and I think it makes a lot of sense. The truth really is you should be learning in victory too.

In competitive sailboat racing, the margin between winning and finishing near the top is typically very very small. Never let the victories get you too complacent, nor should you walk away depressed after a lesser result. Makes notes after each event and keep the routine similar, win or lose. This will have the effect of keeping all your racing fresh and with the goal of learning to get better and have more fun each time you sail.

I know for me personally, it took a while to get to this level of maturity, where I could take a poor result and walk away with a lesson or lessons learned rather than wasting energy being upset or angry. Try to make it all about learning and improving; eventually a win will come your way!

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