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LIVE ONLINE: Exteme Sailing Series Istanbul

Published on September 10th, 2014

The Extreme 40 fleet is in Istanbul, where the historic Turkish city hosts on September 11-14 the 12 competing international teams for the sixth stop on the eight event 2014 Extreme Sailing Series. The 100 square mile city, that straddles both Europe and Asia over the Bosphorus Bridge, is one of only three Acts left on the 2014 calendar – in Istanbul, Nice and Sydney.

Graphic insights from SAP will be available for all four days, with Friday through Sunday also offering a multi-camera live online feed, including on board cameras, with commentary from Hannah White and former Series winner David ‘Freddie’ Carr.

See crew lists below.

Thursday 11 September:

SAP 3D Insights Graphics ONLY : Starts 14:30  (GMT+3) / 07:30 EDT

Friday 12 September:

Live video stream: Starts 15:30 (GMT+3) / 08:30 EDT

SAP 3D Insights Graphics ONLY: Starts 14:00 (GMT+3) / 07:00 EDT

Saturday 13 September:

Live video stream: Starts 16:30 (GMT+3) / 09:30 EDT

SAP 3D Insights Graphics ONLY: Starts 15:00 (GMT+3) / 08:00 EDT

Sunday 14 September:

Live video stream: Starts 15:30 (GMT+3) / 08:30 EDT

SAP 3D Insights Graphics ONLY: Starts 14:00 (GMT+3) / 07:00 EDT

Extreme Sailing Series™ Act 6 Istanbul, crew lists…

Alinghi (SUI)
Skipper /Helm: Morgan Larson (USA)
Tactician: Stuart Pollard (USA)
Mainsail Trimmer: Pierre-Yves Jorand (SUI)
Headsail Trimmer: Nils Frei (SUI)
Bowman: Yves Detrey (SUI)

Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL)
Skipper/Helm: Dean Barker (NZL)
Floater: Edwin Delaat (NZL)
Mainsail Trimmer: Glenn Ashby (AUS)
Headsail Trimmer: James Dagg (NZL)
Bowman: Jeremy Lomas (NZL)

GAC Pindar (AUS)
Skipper/Helm: Nathan Wilmot (AUS)
Tactician/Mainsail Trimmer: Seve Jarvin (AUS)
Headsail Trimmers: Ed Smyth (AUS) / Troy Tindill (AUS)
Bowman: James Wierzbowski (AUS)

Gazprom Team Russia (RUS)
Skipper/Tactician: Igor Lisovenko (RUS)
Helm: Phil Robertson (NZL)
Mainsail Trimmer: Matt Adams (GBR)
Headsail Trimmer: Pete Cumming (GBR)
Bowman: Aleksey Kulakov (RUS)

Groupama sailing team (FRA)
Skipper/Tactician: Tanguy Cariou (FRA)
Helm: François Morvan (FRA)
Mainsail Trimmer: Romain Motteau (FRA)
Headsail Trimmer: Thierry Fouchier (FRA)
Bowman: Devan Le Bihan (FRA)

J.P. Morgan BAR (GBR)
Skipper/Helm: Ben Ainslie (GBR)
Floater: Bleddyn Mon (GBR)
Mainsail Trimmer: Paul Goodison (GBR)
Headsail Trimmer: Nick Hutton (GBR)
Bowman: Matt Cornwell (GBR)

Oman Air (OMA)
Skipper/Helm: Rob Greenhalgh (GBR)
Mainsail Trimmer: Kyle Langford (AUS)
Headsail Trimmer: Ted Hackney (AUS)
Bowmen: Hashim Al Rashdi (OMA) /Musab Al Hadi (OMA)

Realteam (SUI)
Skipper/Mainsail Trimmer: Jérôme Clerc
Helm: Arnaud Psarofaghis (SUI)
Tactician: Bruno Barbarin (FRA)
Headsail Trimmer: Cédric Schmidt (SUI)
Bowman: Thierry Wasem (SUI)

Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT)
Skipper/Helm: Roman Hagara (AUT)
Tactician: Hans-Peter Steinacher (AUT)
Floater: Stewart Dodson (NZL)
Jib Trimmer: Mark Bulkeley (GBR)
Bowman: Shaun Mason (GBR)

SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN)
Co-Skipper/Helm: Jes Gram-Hansen (DEN)
Co-Skipper/Tactician: Rasmus Køstner (DEN)
Trimmers: Thierry Douillard (FRA)/Christian Kamp (DEN)
Bowman: Brad Farrand (NZL)

TeamTurx (TUR)
Co-Skipper/Helm: Mitch Booth (GBR)
Co-Skipper/Tactician: Edhem Dirvana (TUR)
Mainsail Trimmer: Selim Kakış (TUR)
Headsail Trimmer: Ateş Çinar (TUR)
Bowman: Anıl Berk Baki (TUR)

The Wave, Muscat (OMA)
Skipper/Helm: Leigh McMillan (GBR)
Tactician: Sarah Ayton (GBR)
Mainsail Trimmer: Pete Greenhalgh (GBR)
Headsail Trimmer: Kinley Fowler (NZL)
Bowman: Nasser Al Mashari (OMA)

Report by ESS media. Photo by © Vincent Curutchet/Dark Frame.

Background: The Extreme Sailing Series is in its eighth season, with this year’s eight event tour travelling through Asia and Europe. The platform used is the one design Extreme 40 catamaran, with the format for event including both ocean and ‘stadium’ short-course racing in front of the public. Interest in the ESS has grown in part due to the multihull format being used in the America’s Cup. ESS website:

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