Final Voyage to the Philippines

Published on February 29th, 2016

A mantra among singlehanded sailors, “Cheat the nursing home – Die on your Laser” has been taken to the limit by one man in Southeast Asia.

The mummified body of a German adventurer has been discovered on his yacht – which silently drifted around the world for years. Manfred Fritz Bajorat, 59, was found by two fishermen during the weekend off the coast of the Philippines.

His body was discovered near at the navigation station on the 40ft yacht called Sayo. It is not clear how long he had been dead and for how many years his yacht had been drifting, but no reported sightings of him have been mentioned since 2009.

He was floating nearly 40 miles from the coast of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean when the fishermen spotted the drifting vessel and boarded it.

The mast was broken and much of the cabin was underwater, but what killed the skipper is unclear.

Dry ocean winds, hot temperatures and the salty air helped preserve his body. He was identified by paperwork found on the vessel. It is unclear how long he has been dead. Police are trying to retrace his last voyages and find the last people to speak with him.

Full story and photos… click here.

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