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For the Record: South in the South Atlantic

Published on November 26th, 2016

(November 26, 2016) – Gaetano Mura is approaching the “mark” of one month at sea on board his Class40 Italia on which he’s trying to establish the new round-the-world record from Gibraltar to Gibraltar, taking the colours of Italy on the planet’s oceans.

This is another decisive moment for Gaetano, after crossing the Equator, who is positioned at around 30 degrees south, sailing in strong winds created by a low pressure system but heading fast towards the Cape of Good Hope. Having left the calms and hot temperatures of the doldrums the next scenario for Gaetano are the southern oceans, with their high winds and intense cold.

From Gaetano’ blog:
“This low pressure can be considered as the starter, before finally getting into the Roaring Forties. Over the last days I’ve prepared the boat well: I’ve done several checks and some minor repair. I’m particularly happy to have solved an issue with the mainsail rail causing problems to hoist and take it down, that was worrying me. I’ve stopped, taken the mainsail completely down and repaired everything, setting the battens right too and doing an overall check. Then I’ve hoisted it back, re-started and now all is good.” Writes Gaetano in his blog from the ocean. “The man and the boat are okay, the feeling getting better and better as we enter more southern latitudes. The manoeuvres are faster and the energy consumption lower compared to the first days as I’m getting more in synch. I’ve already taken out the bag containing the foul weather gear…”

The weather forecast
Gaetano Mura’s meteorologists Andrea Boscolo e Alessandro Pezzoli from MeteoSport have issued a note outlining the weather forecast for the coming days. “The tactical choice to head south instead of east nstead of following a wind that initially appeared to be favourable, proved to be the winning one and enabled Gaetano to position Italia on the right side of a huge low pressure system that is currently moving south of where Gaetano is. This option for the next 48 hours will be the right one to approach the Cape of Good Hope on the rumb line. Over the past hours the wind was from 280°-300° and topped 30-35 knots, with rain and storms due to the passage of a cold front. But on Sunday, we expect a new high pressure to come from the Argentinian coasts and get to the area where Gaetano is positioned, propelling Italia towards the Cape of Good Hope and the Southern Oceans.”

Gaetano Mura’s route can be followed via the tracking on his official website:

Source: Carla Anselmi

Editor’s note: We have repeatedly asked Carla for details on whether Gaetano is on record pace but thus far have not received a reply.

Background: Italian solo sailor Gaetano Mura on board his Class40 Italia begun on October 27 (at 05:20 CEST) an attempt to beat China’s Guo Chuan singlehanded around the world record (40ft Division) of 137d 20h 01m 57s set in April 2013. Mura’s course is from Gibraltar to Gibraltar, with the starting line positioned south of the Trinity Lighthouse, on the famous Europa Point marking the extremity of the Rock of Gibraltar.

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