Seven Reasons to Give Frostbiting a Try

Published on January 4th, 2017

Do you consider yourself a racing sailor? Are you tired of wasting half the year not sailing? Then you might be a prime candidate to try frostbiting. Our friends at SpinSheet magazine offer some encouragement in their January 2017 issue

1. You can’t let your buddies go sailing without you.
They don’t know you have any sort of life outside of sailing. You can’t let them start thinking you have other hobbies, just because it’s the winter.

2. Frostbiting sailors are hardcore!
Like, really hard core. Sometimes you start to wonder if they’re on some sort of work-release program that necessitates being out here in the cold, sailing, they’re so dedicated and hardcore.

3. Sailing all winter keeps you on your toes.

That is, until you can’t feel them. But if hobbling all around the cockpit like Quasimodo in a Musto jacket is a way to be “hardcore,” you’re doing it.

4. In the shorter course format, you get more chances to practice boat handling than you do during the longer summer races.
Roll tacks are more meaningful when the threat of hypothermia is involved.

5. Maneuvering around the boat is more challenging when you’re wearing five layers of clothing.
Not really, but we wanted to say this just so you wouldn’t feel bad about any extra winter weight.

6. Your ski clothes can double as frostbiting foulies, so you’ve got most of the necessary gear already in your closet.

And let’s face it: you spent $75 on those ski goggles. You may as well use them more than two times a year, right?

7. It is definitely something different.
Like waking up in the morning with your face sewn to the carpet.

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