Cabo Race: Trophies, Tacos and Tequila

Published on March 13th, 2017

(March 13, 2017) – Twenty-two teams may have started the biennial Newport to Cabo International Yacht Race, but very few of them will ever see the full 792 nm course along the Baja California Peninsula to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This race has been more siesta than sizzle.

“Thus far it has been about the drifter and listening to see who pulls the plug next,” reports Keith Magnussen on the J/125 Timeshaver, shortly before they pulled the plug today. “Not much to report other than some beautiful whales and dolphins that have come to see what we are all about.”

When the 70-foot sleds are struggling to post 100 nm days, calling an audible for San Diego has now been the play for all but 4 of the 19 monohull that started on March 11. Still in the game are the R/P 77 Zephyrus, Santa Cruz 70 Grand Illusion, Santa Cruz 70 Holua, and Santa Cruz 50 Horizon. They appear to be all in at this point. Trophies, tacos and tequila await those that finish.

All three multihulls are still racing, though it is uncertain if the Gunboat 62 Chim Chim is racing or hedging their bet. They are hovering near San Diego, clocking just 54 nm in the past 24 hours. After covering only 73 nm since their start yesterday, they are now nearly 100 nm behind the MOD 70 Phaedo3. We know the Gunboat is plush, but nobody carries that much Cabernet.

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Background: Twenty-two teams entered the biennial Newport to Cabo International Yacht Race which takes the fleet from Newport Beach, CA south along the Baja California Peninsula to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Monohulls (19) started the 792 nm race on March 11 with the multihull fleet (3) starting March 12.


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