Unauthorized Event Names

Published on May 11th, 2017

A long established regulation in the sport of sailing is the restriction on the use of ‘world’ in an event title. The purpose is to only permit the usage when an event fulfills the standards that warrant the word.

Our sport already has so many world championships and intergalactics that confusion reigns as to their relevance, yet, the word brings panache, and it is not without precedent that an occasional event gets launched which clings to this handle to establish legitimacy. Lately there has been a few.

An excerpt from Regulation 25 reads:

World Sailing approval is required for any event that is described as a World
Championship, uses the word “World” in the title of the event, or any of the promoters, organizers or any other organization officially connected with the event, represents or holds out in any way that the event is a World Championship or does the foregoing in such a way that the event is reasonably perceived to be a World Championship.”

Only classes that hold the designation of being a World Sailing Class are eligible to use the title, but only if the event meets World Championships requirements. If the World Sailing Class has an event that meets those standards, than the class is granted the right to hold one annual World Championship. That’s not two or three events; that’s one event. You get only one bite of the apple.

So don’t do it. World Sailing will come knocking. Sanctions against the host club and officials can occur. Our sport is self-policing… follow the rules and lets have some fun.

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