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Published on September 17th, 2017

English Bay, Vancouver (September 17, 2017) – The 2017 Six Metre World Championships got underway for 45 teams representing 11 nations that have come to compete in either the Open Division or Classic Division. Two races were completed today, with the Phillippe Durr (SUI) and Ben Mumford (CAN) tied for the lead of the Open Division while Peter Hofmann (USA) has a one point lead over HM Don Juan Carlos de Borbón (ESP) in the Classic Division.

Update from the event:
The first Open start saw Sting US 127 jump into the lead followed by Sophie SUI 132. The fleet was fairly congested at the Committee Boat end. Most of the Fleet sailed left in a big drag race off the start, except for Scoundrel USA 126 and Finnegan CAN 123 that split to the right heading to the beach on the south side of the course.

Half way up the leg of the Open Division a big 30-degree shift came through from the right and those boats that had broken to the right earlier than the rest did well. New Sweden CAN 129 was one such boat who gained, whereas Sting USA 127 dropped back to 5th at the weather mark from being first off the line.

Going into the first mark in the lead of the Open Division was Sophie SUI 132 followed closely by New Sweden CAN 129.

The Classic Fleet also stayed left off the start. In first place at the weather mark was Goose US 81, followed by May Be VII US 87, who slipped around the mark with a slow lee-bow, but still managed to hold clear air and build speed across to the spacer mark.

Downwind both Fleets sailed down the middle of the course to the leeward mark.

For the next upwind leg, the wind shifted 30 degrees south and the weather mark was reset off the yacht club breakwater. Open Division Sophie SUI 132 rounded first again, followed by Ca Va K 12 and New Sweden CAN 129.

As the Open Division approached the weather mark for the 3rd and final rounding, the wind shifted back NE. New Sweden CAN 129 chose the right time to tack and gained a good lead into the mark. Scoundrel USA 126 tacked inside of Sophie SUI 132 followed by Junior SUI 77. The fleet was very close between 2nd, 3rd and 4th place as they headed down wind for the finish.

The Classic fleet last weather mark rounding in race 1, Saga US 73 held first with a good lead on the fleet, Bribon Gallant E 16 moved into 2nd place followed by Goose US 81, May Be VII US 87 and Hanko III USA 96 all very close together. Unfortunately, Flapper N 71 hooked the mark dropping them back in the fleet and the mark drifted down course.

Race 2 took two tries to get the Open div racing, R flag again signalling the course was 3 times around. U flag replaced P in the sequence, boats bunched up at the Committee side of the line with Capriccio USA 112 finding themselves over early and DSQ. The fleet sailed off on starboard, whereas Sting US 127 tacked to port and sailed below the freighter. The fleet began to spread out across the course with leaders Junior SUI 77 and Courage SUI 118 on the right-hand side.

Classic Division start unfortunately saw Lulu USA 72 over early, by the weather mark Flapper N 71 was first Boat to round, Goose USA 81 approached on port and had to duck Saskia KC 19.

By the 1st weather mark rounding in the Open Division Junior SUI 77 was in the lead, followed by St Francis IX K 12, Evelina FIN 78 and Sting USA 127 who’s right side strategy payed off. After rounding the weather mark most boats jibed early on to port, New Sweden CAN 129 and Wildcat II GBR 94 split from everyone and sailed a course on the shore side of the freighter, this helped them to pick up positions by the leeward mark.

As the Open Division headed back up wind they were positioned evenly across the course, sailing on either side of the freighter. Weather mark for the second rounding Junior SUI 77 extended the lead on the fleet, St Francis IX K 12 rounded 2nd, this time it was Evelina FIN 78’s turn to tack inside and ahead of Sting USA 127.

Downwind, the fleet sailed the middle of the course to the leeward mark. Sailing back up wind on the final windward leg, Junior SUI 77, New Sweden CAN 129 and St Francis IX K 12 duked it out on the port side of the course. Junior again rounded the weather mark in 1st followed by St Francis IX K 12, New Sweden CAN 129 and Junior FIN 78. Code flag C was flown for both fleets at the weather mark signalling a change of position for the next mark (finish).

Classic Division 2nd rounding the positions stayed the same with Goose US 81 first to the mark with a good lead on the fleet, ahead of Flapper N 71 and Bribon Gallant E 16 3rd to round. This position stayed the same into the 3rd and final mark rounding and the finish order.

Tomorrow the racing is scheduled to start at 1100 for the second day of the Six Metre Class World Championship.

The 8-race series is being held September 17-20. Details.

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