How to Maintain/Regain Corinthian Sailing

Published on September 19th, 2017

While Sting sings that if you love somebody you set them free, we have seen how if you love something in sailing you may need to build a wall around it. Not a physical wall, but a wall of attitude and approach.

We have witnessed how the Inland Lake Yachting Association has done this.

Founded in 1897, the ILYA member clubs span throughout the Midwest, New York, and Florida, and the organization has sanctioned only a limited number of classes to promote a family atmosphere and provide quality racing without the complications and excessive cost seen elsewhere in the sport.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise to learn how the ILYA is actively maintaining their wall. At the ILYA annual meeting on October 28-29, in addition to the presentation of their Annual Awards, there will be a day of discussion regarding the spirit of fair sailing.

The ILYA announced, “At the request of the junior administration and race committee at the Inland, a concerted effort will be made to solidify our expectations and implementation of procedures to assure the most sportsmanlike behavior for ALL OUR FLEETS.

“In many ways, this begins at home and in our sailing schools. Clubs, please designate someone or several from your club to participate in this discussion. Together we can determine a path to assure we maintain our high expectation of Corinthian sailing on the waters of Inland lakes.”

Amen to that!

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