Top U.S. Match Race Rankings

Published on October 4th, 2017

The World Sailing Match Race Rankings, updated monthly, finds Nevin Snow (San Diego, CA) and Stephanie Roble (East Troy, WI) holding the top U.S. positions in the Open and Women’s Ranking.

Women’s Rankings:
1. Stephanie Roble (5 in the World)
2. Nicole Breault (8 in the World)
3. Danielle Gallo (30 in the World)
4. Marilyn Cassedy (48 in the World)
5. Morgan Wilson (51 in the World)
6. Maggie Shea
7. Janel Zarkowsky
8. Krysia Pohl
9. Robyn Lesh
10. Sally Barkow

Open Rankings:
1. Nevin Snow (15 in the World)
2. Peter Holz (19 in the World)
3. Nicole Breault (28 in the World)
4. Chris Poole (30 in the World)
5. Christophe Killian (34 in the World)
6. Steve Lowery
7. Pearson Potts, Jr.
8. Greiner Hobbs
9. Charlie Welsh
10. Charles Lalumiere

Source: US Sailing Match Racing Committee

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