Dealing With Seasickness In Children

Published on October 23rd, 2017

by Brian Mistrot, BoatU.S. Magazine
Like adults, some children are completely immune to it while others can be violently sick with the smallest amounts of motion.

There’s nothing that can make time aboard a boat worse than seasickness. Unlike adults, your options for dealing with it can be more limited, as many drugs are not approved for young children (especially kids under four years old) and many boaters wouldn’t carry them if they were.

While we’re not against using prescription (or over-the-counter) medications for our children, there are many things that can be done long before that point to mitigate or even eliminate the need for them. After nearly 14 years of raising our children aboard, here are the things that have worked for us.

The first step in keeping your child from vomiting is to be prepared long ahead of time, long before you leave the dock. Vomiting means nothing worked. Even so, there are steps to help minimalize your child becoming sick again. To get a handle on seasickness… click here.

Author: Brian and Christine Mistrot have been cruising Florida, Puget Sound, and the Gulf Coast since their children, ages 16 and 12, were born.

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