Racing Rules: Question and Answer

Published on December 11th, 2017

The World Sailing Question & Answer service is designed to assist World Sailing Race Officials in applying the rules consistently. Here is a response to the question regarding time limits for accepting reports, and rule 69 reports..

A regatta is held over five days with eight races scheduled. During the second race, there was a collision between boat A on port tack and boat B on starboard tack. A takes a Two-Turns Penalty and B retires from the race as a result of the incident. On the water, B shouts using profanities and unpleasant language. When A returns ashore she signs a retirement declaration. After the prizegiving ceremony, A delivers a report under rule 69 to the protest committee secretary.

Question 1
May the protest committee secretary refuse to accept the report because it is being delivered after the protest time limit and the event has ended?

Answer 1
No. There is no time limit for informing the protest committee of a possible breach of rule 69.
Furthermore, only the protest committee may make decisions about validity. Protests, requests and reports delivered must always be forwarded to a protest committee.

Question 2
Is there a deadline for making a report under rule 69?

Answer 2
The rules do not specify a time limit for making a report under rule 69. However, a protest committee may take into consideration the timeliness of a report and the reasons for any delay when deciding whether to call a hearing.

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