Fly’s Corner: Stay healthy, my friends

Published on June 13th, 2019

The 2019 Annapolis to Newport Race had its share of rough seas with seasickness proving too much for several teams. Oakcliff Sailing boat captain Alexander ‘Firefly’ Lulewicz offers tips that can help deal with mal de mer:

1. Prevention is the best policy. If you know you’re prone to seasickness, find medicine that helps and take it before the symptoms arise. All the boats should have seasickness pills aboard, but once the puking starts, the pills are almost impossible to hold down.

2. Horizon. Look at the horizon. Locking onto the one steady thing you can see really helps. Getting fresh air also works wonders.

3. The biggest mistake with seasickness is starving, reducing your calorie count and dehydration. It can become a quick downward spiral. Always push yourself to force some food and water into your stomach. It will help in the long run, even if your body only absorbs part of it.

4. CLIP IN. Anytime you are seasick it is so vitally important to clip in. I can’t explain how nervous I get when driving a boat and watch someone dive out of the cabin to the lifelines to vomit but don’t bother to clip in. Remember, you’re not only putting yourself in danger, but your crew as well. So do us all a favor and clip in!

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