Ongoing new Laser Class builder process

Published on January 19th, 2020

The International Laser Class Association (ILCA) continues its efforts to meet the requirements for being an Olympic Class while also ensuring that its manufacturers produce equal and legal boats. When these requirements changed at a time when the largest builder, LaserPerformance, was found to be in violation of the class rules, the volunteer army within the ILCA has been busy getting their house in order.

Here’s their latest update:

The (ILCA) announced that, under the terms of the new builder approval procedure, seven manufacturers will now be offered provisional licenses to move forward in the builder application process. The provisional approvals come after the evaluation panel appointed by ILCA, which is comprised of both class technical representatives and independent industry experts, reviewed the formal builder applications.

Each builder applicant is now subject to a further technical review to ensure compliance with the established class one-design principles. The new manufacturers will now be required to obtain certified molds and tooling from ILCA and produce a number of pre-production boats to verify the ability to manufacturer boats to the strict specifications and tolerances of the building manual and the class rules.

ILCA looks forward to the opportunities for growth these new manufacturers bring and will provide further updates as the approval process progresses.

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