Offshore Racing: Which downwind sails do you need?

Published on March 15th, 2020

Mark Mansfield, Quantum Sailmakers Ireland agent and professional sailor, outlines for what downwind sails should be available to owners who want to compete at a top-level offshore race:

The sails you carry for inshore races are often quite different to the sails you will need for long offwind legs. I will go through the options and the must-have downwind sails which owners who want to be in contention, should have.

There is a difference between the Asymmetric and Symmetric sails that need to be carried for each option. The Asymmetric option may allow fewer sails, as all sails are Asymmetrical. With a symmetrical configuration, you will ideally need your running sails (maybe an S2 and an S4), but also you will need reaching sails such as a Code 0 and an A3 (reaching Asymmetrical) preferably set on a small bowsprit.

So what sails do both asymmetrically configured boats (pole) and symmetrically configured boats need? They are… click here.

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