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Portable Toilets for COVID-19

Published on March 26th, 2020

For more than 35 years, Practical Sailor has been taking the guesswork out of boat and gear buying with bold, independent boat tests, and product-test reports for serious sailors and boaters. In this report, they are leveraging their knowledge for non-sailing needs too:

COVID-19 has made it harder to find a clean toilet these days. If only we could bring a sanitary bathroom with us.

Maybe you have some essential errand to run—as I did last week—and discovered that the number of available bathroom stops along the highway has sharply dwindled. Or maybe your boatyard keeps public areas, even the bathrooms, locked. Or maybe you are an essential worker who is strictly self-isolating in your tent, trailer sailor, or camper where bathroom facilities are not easily accessible.

Sanitary Sanitation Comes First
Whenever possible, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 it is infinitely better to use a plumbed bathroom that is disinfected regularly (taking all precautions for washing hands, etc.). However, for situations that demand a portable place to poop, a waste alleviation and gelling bag (WAG bag) can help solve the bathroom problem.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The CDC has reported that 2019 novel coronavirus has been found to persist in feces (even long after some patients have tested negative), so a WAG bag—as well as marina and campground waste-pumpout hoses—should always be handled with proper protection (gloves, at least) followed by a thorough sanitizing hand and glove-cleaning (or disposal) afterward. (The CDC offers complete guidelines on donning and doffing gloves.)

Full report… click here.

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