Wacky tan lines are bad too

Published on August 17th, 2020

by Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt Sailing News
Sailing is only okay with same household crew. Sailing is only okay with appropriately sized groups. Maintaining social distancing is always smart. Masks, yes, they make sense… when possible.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the lack of consistency in message, and the variance within a region to follow orders, is all over the map. And don’t get me started with local and state regulation that the government chooses not to enforce. Why bother?

Anyway, one of the conundrums has been how to stay safe in areas where sailing is permitted. In the absence of testing and temperature checks, we can find ourselves questionably in close proximity because masks and boating are not well-matched.

Aside from their UPF protection, the effectiveness of neck gaiters to limit the COVID-19 spread has been questioned, prompting Oakcliff Sailing to develop their Performance Party Face Cover to help sailors be safe and comfortable through this crisis.

And now the marine apparel brand Zhik has released their weatherproof Face Mask for sailing and watersports. Made of Polyurethane foam which feels comfortable on the skin and is quick drying, the mask has a regulating one-way valve to breathe out easily.

Someday there will be a vaccine, and this life episode will be in the books, but until then, be safe out there, and if you wear a mask while boating, don’t forget the sunscreen. Wacky tan lines are bad too.

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