Sailing does not need to be expensive

Published on October 2nd, 2020

The reputation of expense invades sailing like a leaky bilge. Perhaps it’s well-earned with our private clubs, varnished yachts, and blazer jackets. And yes, sailing can be like standing in a cold shower ripping up $100-dollar bills, but it also can cost no more than one’s time while crewing for a friend.

But the highfalutin narrative is sexier and recently reinforced in a story titled, Here Are the 10 Most Expensive Sports in the World. Subtle, right? Here they go:

We take a look at the most expensive sports in the world. From polo to hot air balloon racing, the price tags on these sports are insane.

When it comes to sports, there are so many different sporting codes you can play or simply watch. Around the world, people enjoy the camaraderie that different sports afford. Whether it’s to socialise, maintain fitness, or done at a professional level, various sports provide different benefits.

From football to cricket, the pace and intensity will drastically differ. Some sports may be easy to get into, however, there are others that require lots of money for people to participate in. If you’d prefer to sit back and enjoy online bingo, which won’t cost you that much, there are great online bingo sites available for you to get your daubing on.

If you’ve been wondering how much it costs to participate in certain sporting codes, we discuss 10 of the most expensive sports in the world.

1. The Whitanga Festival of Sports
Undoubtedly the most expensive sport in the world, the Whitanga Festival of Sports is an annual event held in New Zealand. It may seem wild for some who have never heard of it, but yes, it involves helicopters, cars, powerboats, and jet skis racing, as well as parachute swooping. With all this heavy machinery, it makes sense why this is the most expensive sport in the world. Just owning and maintaining these jet skis, cars, and helicopters costs a huge amount of money.

Sailing is #3…full report.

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