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TracTrac extends tracking offshore

Published on June 9th, 2021

Globalstar and TracTrac have partnered to deploy SPOT Gen4 devices to support offshore sailing events. Established in 2005, TracTrac has long supported inshore regattas using GSM-based systems, but now can track races which take place further out to sea with Globalstar’s satellite technology.

TracTrac trialed several technologies and solutions, including other satellite-based tracking devices on the market. Following comparative evaluation, TracTrac reached the decision that SPOT was the best choice to satisfy its requirements and those of its customers and race event organizers, operating around the world.

Chris Terkelsen, TracTrac Co-founder, found SPOT’s ease-of-use and ubiquitous, reliable satellite-enabled reach, and pricing were key influencing factors. “Other systems were more expensive, and we found them to not deliver commensurate performance benefits. SPOT only has a few buttons; it is easy to hand to the boat crews or our partners and right away they can see how to use it.”

TracTrac first acquired several SPOT Gen3 devices in 2019. In 2020, TracTrac embraced and procured newly launched SPOT Gen4, more than tripling its total pool of SPOT devices as a result. SPOT Gen4, which Globalstar launched in EMEA in August 2020, offers many new features compared to its precedents including more mapping options, improved water resistance and an enhanced user interface, among others.

TracTrac’s software platform enables fans and spectators to follow competitors with the display showing the locations of the boats in real-time, allowing viewers to see where they are in relation to each other. The TracTrac interface also reveals a variety of different performance data, showing the maneuvers the sailors are performing, and other useful data such as wind direction.

TracTrac operates globally and has a network of nine country-specific partners in Europe, Africa, South East Asia and Australia. It supports 200 events annually, year-round.


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