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No design changes to Infiniti 52

Published on May 17th, 2022

Since the first Infiniti 52 to be delivered collided with an unidentified floating object and sank, limited information remains available on the cause of its demise. While it is perhaps easy to surmise that an appendage led to the water ingress, that apparently would be wrong.

“The sinking of Tulikettu is in the hands of the owner and his team to release information,” said Infiniti Yachts founder Gordon Kay. “But what I can say is that there will be no design changes to the boat and the impacts the boat had were not related to the foil or any sailing related appendages.”

The Infiniti 52 is a unique design that, along with a keel and single rudder, includes the Dynamic Stability System (DSS) with a retracting lateral foil which protrudes out the sides of the hull, just beneath the water to leeward.

The DSS provides ‘righting moment on demand’ and provides more lift the faster boat (and foil) pass through the water, just like adding crew weight to the rail or ballast to the keel. The net result is a significant speed boost, but also additional appendage to hit objects. However, that was not the demise of Tulikettu.

Composite Builders in the USA built Tulikettu and is mid-way through the second boat, but with prospective European clients insisting on a European builder, future construction of the Infiniti 52 racing yachts outside of the USA is to be undertaken by Persico Marine.

Based in central Italy, Persico Marine is a world class builder of racing yachts and performance superyacht builds having worked with leading teams in the America’s Cup, the Volvo Ocean Race, Wallycento, Maxi 72, TP52, and IMOCA classes.

The company is also positioning itself as the leader in the construction of foiling yachts. It built Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli’s two AC75 challenging yachts for the 36th America’s Cup in Auckland and was the official supplier of the AC75’s one design foil arms for that event.

It is currently marketing the Persico Fly40 One Design, a mini version of the AC75 utilizing technology from its big brother, and the popular 6.9m long Persico69F fully flying skiff. It also currently has in build the first ClubSwan80 and the new Biotherm IMOCA.

While Composite Builders remains the USA builder, will hull #2 be the last Infiniti 52 they’ll get to build? Standing by…

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