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Published on November 9th, 2023

by Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt Sailing News
It was a privilege to witness the induction of the Class of 2023 into the National Sailing Hall of Fame (NSHOF). A common theme among the speeches was how achievement does not occur in a vacuum, but rather a result of each person’s community. We must surround ourselves with the best to be the best.

I was particularly pleased for naval architect Bill Lapworth to finally get recognized for his range of Cal Boat designs. Fellow inductee Sally Honey had won the 2022 Newport to Bermuda Race aboard her Cal 40, and I am forever thankful for the Cal 25 which taught me how to steer a keelboat upwind through the waves. His designs live on!

But the NSHOF continues to struggle with how I contend it must look back to the beginning of the sport and recognize those first people who made a significant and sustained impact on United States sailing. The Class of 2023 made progress, but more is still needed.

To that point, the Australian Sailing Hall of Fame announced its Class of 2023, and included was Tom Slingsby who is right now among the very best competing in the sport. It gets hard to celebrate achievement when it keeps changing… certainly there must be someone older than Tom that deserves this honor.

The Pan American Games, much like the Olympic Games, occurs only every four years and is a very big deal for the competitors to represent their nations. To heighten interest in these athletes and events, it is imperative for their story to be told. A Canadian team and a USA team share their journeys.

I encourage you to follow the journey of Cole Brauer who is competing on her Class40 First Light in the Global Solo Challenge. She seeks to be the first American woman to race a sailboat solo around the globe, and her diminutive size is countered by an engaging personality in her Instagram updates. I’ve become a fan because she is sharing her story… that’s how it works.

Selecting the Curmudgeon’s Observations for the Scuttlebutt newsletter is a highlight of the week, and I got curious how much ‘wisdom’ has dealt with arguments. I found them all, and while these nuggets span over a quarter century, and the ‘advice’ may have evolved during that time, I hope you enjoy this ‘counsel’.

While sailing is slowing down out west, it’s now lobster season in California, so out comes the barbecue and melted butter this weekend to enjoy fresh tails from the San Diego seafloor. Got to stay in phase, right?

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