Experience the ice wonders

Published on November 14th, 2023

John Stanton, Commodore of the New England Ice Yacht Association, shares the magic of hardwater sailing:

Embrace the ice experience. When you find yourself gliding across a frozen expanse, take a moment to savor the essence of the icy surroundings. The air, dense and invigorating, carries a crisp, almost sterile fragrance.

Amidst this frozen landscape, camaraderie flourishes, and opportunities for solitude beckon for both the speed enthusiast and the leisurely cruiser alike.

I have sometimes sailed away in pursuit of solitude, whether to pause in the middle of a lake for a quiet lunch or take the scenic route home to bask in the beauty that envelops all that glide across the ice. Some gladly volunteer to retrieve the windward mark as the day concludes, rewarded with a breathtaking spectacle as the fleet gracefully retreats over the horizon towards the pits, leaving behind the vast expanse of empty ice.

Keep your senses sharp, for unique sights await those who remain observant. The ice, akin to a desert, may seem devoid, but a keen eye reveals a myriad of intricate patterns resembling etchings on stone and wind-driven glyphs on a mesa.

Simply looking around while on the ice can unveil extraordinary wonders—I once discovered a well-preserved hawk feather on Mallets Bay, its quill frozen vertically into the ice, gently swaying in the wind. How it ended that way will remain a mystery.

Introduce newcomers to the expansive playground we all cherish each winter. Share the joy of the ice.

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