High Threshold of Worthiness

Published on October 30th, 2012

By Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt

I have my causes, like I suspect most of us do. But my resources are limited, so the causes I contribute to need a high threshold of worthiness. And when it comes to causes within our sport, I have to admit I am skeptical of charitable foundations that help to fund the extensive travels of young sailors who come from families capable of funding their own young sailors.

A fund that was brought to my attention was the Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Foundation, which provides small grants to any South Florida junior sailor who has qualified for a major national or international event. But what really caught my interest was how the foundation also reaches into its community to sponsor a contest in a local grammar public school.

Here’s what some of the kids at the grammar school had to say in their essays about the possibility of being chosen as one of the four annual recipients of a grant to the LYC Learn to Sail Summer Program which is open to the public:

“I am a 4th grader at Harbordale Elementary School, and I am excited about learning how to sail. I love sports but have never tried to sail. I think I would have fun meeting other kids this summer and learning a new sport. I promise to listen and try my very best.”

“Getting a sailing scholarship would make me feel like I’m at the top of the world. I would just sing all day and dream all night.”

“I love feeling the breeze in my hair, putting my hand in the water rushing through my fingers. The beautiful blue green water, with the fish swimming around. The boats speeding by like a cheetah.”

“Sailing can get me through survival. What if someone is stranded on a remote island? They could build and sailboat and sail away from the island knowing how to sail.”

“I would like to sail, because it’s eco-friendly. Instead of polluting the beautiful amazing ocean, using gallons of wild life damaging fuel, how about having the wind as your motor? Open your sails, catch the breeze and go flying across the 7 seas.”

“Another reason I want to sail is to have fun. Here’s an example: drop your anchor in front of an island and once you reach the land, start enjoying yourself, like build a sand castle, go snorkeling, fishing, maybe even collect seashells but watch out for hermit crabs! Little crabs that look like shrimp. Their claws are tiny but painful. I learned that the hard way!”

“Splish, splash I can already feel the wind rushing through my hair. Sailing camp would be exciting to me. I think it would be challenging but fun at the same time.”

“I want to learn how to sail because I want to conquer my fear of being on a boat. I hope you understand why I want to learn to sail. It’s because I want to conquer my fears.”

“It would make me scream out “BOO YAH!” in the middle of church if I found out I was going to sail.”

This program passes my high threshold of worthiness…the sport could use a few of these kids. Here is the link to the LYC Sailing Foundation:

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