Team Racing May Change Your Life

Published on January 28th, 2014

If you’re interested in learning how to team race, or interested in refreshing your team racing knowledge for this season’s regattas, the animated online guide Contemporary Team Racing opens the door to this complete paradigm shift from conventional sailboat racing.

“Most people learn by seeing,” explained author Gavin O’Hare. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, an animation is worth a million.”

This manual by O’Hare and Bryan McDonald is not only free, but it’s been updated.

“Team racing can be hard to learn,” admits McDonald. “How does one explain that by going slower, you can actually help your team to win? I recall a billion years ago learning to team race and being thoroughly confused on and off the water as to what a passback or marktrap was. Why would anyone ever want to slow down to go faster?

“But it’s true…going slow can be fast. It’s just like what Tiger Woods says ‘Sometimes you have to loosen your grip to hit the ball farther.'”

“Animation can be the fastest way to teach someone a complex topic like team racing. Contemporary Team Racing 2013 is a comprehensive update to our favorite form of sailing. All 53 pages were scrubbed with a fine tooth comb to make sure they comply with the latest version of team racing appendix D of the racing rules of sailing, the latest team racing trends and courses.

“The intent of Contemporary Team Racing 2013 is to teach newcomers the basic fundamentals of team racing, how to approach a race with a solid game plan, the power of taking the initiative and walk one through the advantages and disadvantages of the three solid combinations: 1/2/X, 2/3/4 and the 1/4/5. There is also a comprehensive section on practicing that is awesome for teams wanting to get to the top level quickly early in the season. Of course this tool is not only for the skippers, crews can learn a ton too!”

Hyperbole warning… clicking here may change your life.

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