CSA Rating Rule Updated for 2014 and Chief Measurer Announced

Published on February 25th, 2014

(February 25, 2014) – The Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) is pleased to advise that the CSA Rating Rule has been updated for 2014 as happens on an annual basis. The measurers gathered information during 2013 and due to the nature of the changes made in the rule, boats wishing to race in events run under the CSA Rating Rule this year will require additional measurements in order to ensure their rating is updated correctly.

In the 2014 updates the measurers have concentrated on improving their assessment of sail area and as a result additional sail measurements will be required for a 2014 CSA rating. These measurements can be taken from reputable sail makers’ documentation for the sails, so where this is available it will speed up the process.

Yacht owners who wish to get a CSA rating for the first time, or who are renewing their 2013 or earlier CSA rating, are advised to refer to the guides posted on the CSA website to get advice on what should be done in preparation for the measurement. For easy reference, the short guide can be found here: http://caribbean-sailing.com/csa-rule/get-a-csa-rating-the-short-guide.

The CSA would also like to advise that Jeffrey Chen will be the Chief Measurer for the period February to April 2014 while Alfred Koolen is unavailable. Jeffrey, who is based in Trinidad, previously held this position for several years before Alfred took the helm.

For more information please visit: www.caribbean-sailing.com


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