HPR Rule V4H Now Available

Published on February 25th, 2014

(February 25, 2014) – The Offshore Racing Association (ORA), in cooperation with the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC), is pleased to announce that the latest version of the HPR Rule, V4H, is now available. The rule can be downloaded on the HPR website at www.hprsailing.org/technical/hpr-rule.

V4H replaces the previous version, V3A, which was introduced in July 2012 and has been used with some modifications for HPR racing since its introduction at the St Francis YC Rolex Big Boat Series in September 2012.

“We have been working hard to refine the ideas first introduced in V3A, based on valuable input from our owners, sailors, designers, builders and others in our Committee and Technical Advisory group,” said rule author Bill Lee. “This represents the latest compilation of all those ideas.”

Some important changes found in V4H include the following:

– refinement of Age Allowance to be fixed at a rate of 0.2% per year of rated length, with a maximum of 2.02%;

– the “pre-HPR design” allowance has been indexed to size, where pre-2012 hull dates for boats <42 feet LOA get a fixed 3% credit, which phases to no credit at 50 feet LOA. - boats with production sail drives are will have a corrector credit - Crew Weight has been re-defined to have a Base crew weight figure which can be changed with declared values factored into the rating, rather than remain at a fixed maximum. - spreader sweep in the spar has been re-defined so that a 15-degree spreader sweep has the baseline value, and figures less than this will incur penalties. - the section describing the Component Weight method of determining VCG is now completed so that VCG can be determined by this method or by inclination, with periodic reviews of the calculations used as more data is gathered using both methods. - an Appendix is included which shows a proposed list of features in HPR production boats that will allow them to receive Cost Control credits in the rule. These credits are under development but are intended to allow for lower-cost HPR-compatible designs below 32 feet LOA. - the database of measurements for HPR-eligible boat designs has now been updated in the V4H1 spreadsheet to contain only measured data from reliable sources. The V4H1 spreadsheet can be found available for download on the HPR website at www.hprsailing.org/technical/hpr-rule. - test certificates generated on the V4H1 spreadsheet now have a watermark on them to show that they are for demonstration only, and not valid for racing. Only rating offices authorized by ORC and US Sailing can issue valid HPR certificates. “Some of these ideas have needed testing in the heat of battle at HPR events, and fortunately we have had several to draw on to refine these rules,” said Lee. “But we are always open to new input, and welcome comments from all interested in helping improve this system.” ORA is the owner of the HPR rule, and is partnered with ORC in helping with the technical and administrative development of the rule, with the intent of helping to foster its growth outside the US. For more information on the HPR rule, HPR designs, and the calendar of HPR races and events, visit www.hprsailing.org.

For more information about the Offshore Racing Association, visit www.offshorerace.org.


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