Navy 44 Gallant overall winner of Annapolis Bermuda Race

Published on June 16th, 2014

The 19th biennial Annapolis Bermuda Race (A2B) which began June 6 in Annapolis, MD officially finished June 14 in St. George’s, Bermuda. The race is renowned for its mix of racers, cruisers and diverse sailing conditions, challenging competitors due to the complexities of the 125-mile leg down the Chesapeake Bay.

The 2014 race stayed true to its reputation from the start. The fleet of 18 racers sailed through light, shifting winds for most of the race. Racers remained competitive with division leads shifting among top boats throughout the race.

Annapolis Bermuda Race Highlights

Chaotic Flux, a J/120 owned by James Chen, placed first on elapsed time for the 753-nautical-mile passage from Annapolis to St. George’s and posted the best elapsed and corrected time for the Chesapeake leg of the race.

“If I had to characterize the race, I would say that it was a game of sail changes. My crew never hesitated to change sails. We had a navigation team that did a very good job,” Chen commented after the race.

Gallant, a Navy 44 skippered by Mdn. Duncan Mamer, won Division 2 honors and had the best corrected time of the whole fleet. Integrity, another Navy 44 skippered by Mdn. Tilghman McCabe, finished roughly 17 minutes behind as a close second in Division 2 and posted the best corrected time on the ocean leg of the race.

Impromptu, a C&C 37 owned by Steve Sharkey of Galesville, MD, took top honors for Division 3.

Warrior’s Wish and Medley withdrew from the race.

2014 Annapolis Bermuda Race Results

(Boat, make, skipper, home port, elapsed time, corrected time)

Division 1 (4 boats)
1. Chaotic Flux, J/120, James Chen, Herrington Harbor North, 6/11:08:40.0, 5/11:31:16.0
2. Bad Cat, J/111, James Whited, Solomons, 6/12:40:58.0, 5/14:56:31.0
3. Mazal Tov, J/120, Arne Fliflet, Alexandria, 6/18:03:27.0, 5/18:26:03.0

Division 2 (8 boats)
1. Gallant, Navy 44, Mdn. Duncan Mamer, Annapolis, 6/14:14:48.0, 5/07:34:15.0
2. Integrity, Navy 44, Mdn. Tilghman McCabe, Annapolis, 6/14:32:15.0, 5/07:51:42.0
3. Alpha Papa, Tripp 33, Albert Holt, Annapolis, 6/16:40:35.0, 5/11:15:20.0

Division 3 (7 boats)
1. Impromptu, C&C 37, Steve Sharkey, Galesville, 7/00:33:02.0, 5/09:35:02.0
2. Rover, Nordic 34, Lauren Anthone, Annapolis, 7/05:48:53.0, 5/10:27:20.0
3. SunBreak, Catalina 470, Paul Walchenbach, Severna Park, 7/00:52:41.0, 5/11:47:38.0

First to Finish in each Fleet (Uncorrected Time)
Division 1 – Chaotic Flux
Division 2 — Gallant
Division 3 — Impromptu

Special Awards
Charles N. Bozenhard Navigator’s Trophy — First to Finish uncorrected – Chaotic Flux

First Place Overall uncorrected — St George’s Dinghy & Sports Club Trophy – Chaotic Flux

St George’s Dinghy & Sports Club First to Finish (Corrected) — Gallant

Bacon Sails & Marine Supplies Offshore Trophy — First boat from Chesapeake Bay to Bermuda (Corrected) — Integrity — Presented by Bacon Sails & Marine Supplies.

Eastport Yacht Club Chesapeake Trophy — First out of the Bay Corrected – Chaotic Flux

Storm Trysail Club Yacht Club Team Trophy — the award is presented to the club whose top two racers achieved the best combined corrected time – Naval Academy Sailing Squadron

Cook’s Trophy — Last to Finish – Team Wichard

Brian Oatley Trophy — 4th place boat in the most competitive class (closest time between the first and last boat) – Poco a Poco

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