Landsailing: How to avoid a Darwin Award

Published on June 30th, 2014

The Sirocco is a simple, rugged landsailing design that also adapts to ice. When sailing a craft that goes fast on hard surfaces, a safety reminder is needed. Here is the advice provided by the manufacturer

We have had the Sirocco up to speeds of 45 mph in some of our tests on pavement. Obviously anything that can go this fast has the potential for causing serious injury, maiming or death either to the pilot or a third party. If you are considering purchasing a Sirocco you should be aware of the following:

– While the Sirocco is fun it is not a toy. Please be safe. Read and follow all the instructions and warnings that come in the booklet with your Sirocco. As you are learning, build your skills. Do not take the land sailor out for the first time in 20 kts of wind. Also – WEAR A HELMET! The Sirocco is very stable, but nothing is immune from roll over under the right conditions.

– Always wear a DOT certified motorcycle helmet, gloves and the proper footwear.

– You need to carefully check any area for surface irregularities ie. pot holes or drains that could cause your cart to flip.

– You should check the area for low power or phone lines. The mast is an EXCELLENT electrical conductor.

– The Sirocco itself should be carefully checked for any problems i.e. cracked welds or missing cotter pins every time you sail. While most failures are not likely to create serious problems, they will certainly wreck you day.

– Always pilot your land sailor with control.

– Do not ride where there is traffic. You will not win a battle with a car.

– Be aware of any obstacles in the area i.e. light poles or trees

– Do not ride where there are pedestrians, joggers etc.

– Please tread lightly. If we as pilots are discourteous or tear up parks and beaches the powers that be will simply ban us from these areas.

If you hit something or somebody, electrocute yourself, get run down on the highway or otherwise do something careless or stupid that hurts you as a pilot or a bystander, we don’t want to hear about it. Darwin refers to this process as “natural selection”. Follow this link for examples of the above kind of actions:

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