The New England S.H.O.R.T Award

Published on July 30th, 2014

The Newport Yacht Club awarded The New England Shorthanded Ocean Racing Trophy (The New England S.H.O.R.T) to Tristan Mouligne, sailing on Samba, his Quest 30. Mouligne secured the Trophy after his decisive win in the Annual New England Solo Twin Regatta, Doublehanded Spinnaker Division. 2014 is the first year this trophy has been awarded and is expected to be awarded every 2 years during the ‘off year’ between Bermuda 1-2 years. The Trophy is awarded to the sailor/yacht with the best combined corrected time for the Ocean 160 Singlehanded Race and the New England Solo Twin Doublehanded Spinnaker Division. The Trophy is the brainchild of another veteran Bermuda 1-2 competitor who wanted to build momentum for the Bermuda 1-2 in the “off year”. The idea is to offer competitors a taste of the challenges presented by the Bermuda 1-2, to provide a venue and competition to qualify for the 2015 Bermuda 1-2, and to generate general interest in shorthanded Ocean racing.

Tristan Mouligne, a veteran of multiple Bermuda 1-2s (winning the single handed leg of the Bermuda 1-2 in 2001 as a teenager), was a formidable competitor. He won the Trophy after overall victories in the Ocean 160 (held July 11th) and the Solo Twin. Mouligne is also the Skipper’s representative for the 2015 Bermuda 1-2. Mouligne set a fine example with his sportsmanship as well as his superb seamanship. English bookmakers have him as the early favorite to win the 2015 Bermuda 1-2 which starts in early June 2015. For those who are not familiar with the 1-2, it is THE premier Corinthian shorthanded ocean race held every two years by the Newport Yacht Club. This event is truly unique in that sailors race from Newport to Bermuda, singlehanded and race back to Newport from Bermuda doublehanded. The starts are separated by approximately 2 weeks. Many of North America’s greatest shorthanded sailors have cut their teeth at this event before going on to greater glories. In future years, the Newport Yacht Club expects that by offering the New England Shorthanded Ocean Racing Trophy, more sailors will be interested in competing in shorthanded Ocean Races.

For more information about the New England S.H.O.R. T. (and the events that make up this event; the Ocean 160 and the New England Solo Twin) and the 2015 Bermuda 1-2, please visit the Newport Yacht Club website (

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