2015 ORC Designer VPP available for download

Published on December 7th, 2014

(December 7, 2014) – The ORC VPP (Velocity Prediction Program) is the core of the ORC International and ORC Club Rating Systems, and is available now for download. Designers, sailors, sailmakers and others interested in the DVP are invited to download and test a beta version now, with free updates available after January 1, 2015.

The DVP software is accompanied by the ORC Manager program that includes an IMS Editor program for entering and editing measurement data as well as an Offset Toolbox for editing hull offset files. Input data in DXT and OFF file formats can then be used to produce hydrostatics data and polar diagrams that predict boat speed for wind conditions over 6 – 20 knots of true wind speed at the following true wind angles: Optimum Beat, 52, 60, 75, 90, 110, 120, 135, 150 degrees and Optimum Run.

The ORC DVP uses the same software used by ORC Rating Officers to issue certificates, but cannot be used to print actual valid certificates – this function is reserved only for the national rating authorities.

However, the results data does include all the ratings and time allowances shown on the certificate, together with a complete set of calculated hydro and aerodynamic data and that defined by the ORC Rules. The ORC DVP can produce reports such as the ORC Stability and Hydrostatics Datasheet, the ORC Speed Guide that include polar diagrams as well as theoretical speeds for various wind conditions and every possible sail combination, and ORC Target Speeds for performance target wind speeds and angles on windward/leeward courses.

The software will also be able to generate the new CDL figures used in class divisions at ORC World Championship and ORC European Championship events.

The ORC DVP is Windows based software, easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and standard Windows functions.

Any designer may process design data through the VPP to analyze rating effects, and the software is therefore regarded as essential to anyone contemplating an ORC design project. The subscription will not give access to existing hull data without the written permission of its designer, while rig, sails and other measurements can be obtained from any copy of an ORC Certificate through ORC Sailor Services. (Note that the 2015 test certificates and other products will not be available in Sailor Services until the final version of the 2015 VPP is available after 1 January 2015.)

The ORC VPP Documentation describes the methodology of the equations used to calculate the forces produced by the hull, appendages, and sails, and how these are combined in the VPP. This is updated annually by the International Technical Committee (ITC) and will also not be available until the final version is released after the first of the new year.

The annual subscription to the ORC DVP is 500 EUR with special discounted price of 300 EUR for payments before 15th January 2015. This includes the 2015 VPP beta version as well as an upgrade to the final version when it becomes available.

Upon receipt of payment, new subscribers will receive credentials to log on to the DVP Subscribers web page, while credentials of existing subscribers will be renewed. From this DVP page the installation software package can be downloaded, and subscribers are reminded to check regularly for updates of both the VPP core and the editing and management interfaces.

“The public access to the ORC DVP is a very important feature of the ORC system,” says ORC Chairman Bruno Finzi. “Not only does it demonstrate the scientific and transparent nature of our system to produce fair ratings our users all over the world, but it also solicits the support for improvement from our DVP users and subscribers to make this system better for everyone.”

Download here: www.orc.org/dvp

Source: ORC media

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