Barcelona World Race: Now a race for second place

Published on February 15th, 2015

(February 15, 2015; Day 47) – With second placed Neutrogena still slowed in a high pressure zone of light winds since Guillermo Altadill and José Munoz restarted from their New Zealand pitstop, both GAES Centros Auditivos and Renault Captur having continued to slash their deficit behind Altadil and Munoz. Second place on the podium of the Barcelona World Race is opening up with each mile that the two chasing IMOCA 60s gain.

This Sunday afternoon the delta between Neutrogena and GAES Centros Auditivos is cut to a much more tenable 99 miles. Anna Corbella and Gerard Marín are still making a VMG – velocity made good – of 13.6kts while Altadill and Munoz are still battling south with a net VMG of 3.6kts, hardly making any easting at all meantime.

Forecasts indicate that Neutrogena are in the last hours of their light airs ordeal since leaving Bluff and imminently they will pick up a favourable NW to W 20-25kts breeze. One can fully comprehend why Altadill insisted he would not be tracking any of his rivals or checking their positions for the coming days, for sure he and Munoz are pushing their boat as fast as possible and additional stress, knowing how quickly they are being caught, would not add to their speed and drive.

The next key longitude for the trio which are now in the match for second is the antimeridian. A current routing for the trio given today’s weather outlook has Neutrogena cross just four hours before GAES Centros Auditivos, Anna Corbella and Gerard Marín passing into the ‘west’ some 100 miles further south.

Extending that routing to a point four days forwards shows Neutrogena just five hours ahead and Renault Captur, Jorg Riechers and Seb Audigane, 18 hours behind Neutrogena. The game is opened between the two Farr designs and the Finot Conq former BritAir which holds fourth.

Sunday has been a bit of red letter day for Spirit of Hungary which has been reducing the lead of Cheminées Poujoulat. Nandor Fa and Conrad Colman have had the foot right down on Fa’s self-designed IMOCA 60 and were quickest of the fleet this morning, bringing their deficit down under the 4000 miles mark again. Such sma ll consolations are a good morale boost for the Hungarian-Kiwi duo who continue to show great fighting spirit.

Race leaders Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam are also about to get moving at speed again after more than two days slowed. Their VMG is 12.4 kts today while the best has been Renault Captur.

We Are Water have emerged from their worst period of stormy weather of the race so far. One Planet One Ocean have been in sunshine and 15-20kts breezes and were crossing Cape Leeuwin this afternoon or evening.

Skippers quotes:

Jorg Riechers (GER), Renault Captur:
It is a little bit cold here but we are feeling good. There are no problems. It feels now like we are into the last stretch of the Southern Ocean so we are happy to be in the Pacific and to have left the Indian Ocean behind us, so we are looking forwards to the Pacific and hope that the weather will be a little bit better than in the Indian Ocean.

We are reaching with a wind of 20kts at 135 degrees and it is typical Southern Ocean weather, grey and a bit of swell, not that windy. SInce two or three days it is getting quite cold.

We don’t feel lonely. How can you feel lonely when you have connected to the internet and the telephone. And the funny thing is with the ice exclusion zone, you always have the feeling that you are not really sailing free and there is always feeling like you are sailing near to a coast. It feels like a real thing. We dont feel lonely.

I think now it is interesting because the race for second place is now a three boat race, unfortunately for Neutrogena. It adds some interesting moment for this race. So we are looking forwards to a nice battle for second place to the end in Barcelona. But I think Guillermo has a fast boat. He should be able to hold on to second.

Our strategy?

Well you can’t really do a strategy with the ice zone, it dictates what you can and cant do. It is a little bit like the outcome of the race is in the hands of Aeolus and Guillermo. In the Southern Ocean you cannot really go for a strategy, you see what is happening and take it as it comes.


Look at us. We are looking healthy. The experience of the last race when I lost kilos when I did not have enough to eat, we took quite a lot of food. We try to eat a lot of good food. If we don’t eat enough we cant operate properly. I think we lost maybe one or two kilos.

Typically just now we are doing two and a half hours on watch and two and a a half off watch. Off watch we do the navigation, we check the performance of the boat.”

Aleix Gelabert (ESP) One Planet One Ocean & Pharmaton:
Now we have 18-20kts from the west. We have a little bit of sunshine and so now we see a sunset for the first time in the last weeks. We very happy, very confident in the boat. Probably tonight we will pass Cape Leeuwin which will be our second big Cape of the Barcelona World Race, so we are very happy today.

It was incredible when you are driving the IMOCA and you are doing more than 20kts of boat speed it is such a pleasure, it is such a sensation in these big waves in south. The boat is going so fast and driving is a great experience. But when you are inside you are a bit uncomfortable. You are shaking all the time and it is very difficult to stand up and stay in one position. It is great though to be going fast towards the waypoint where we want to go and to make miles.

In my mind when we have very strong conditions first and foremost it is to try and not break anything. And to be fast. First to be safe. To keep the boat in a position which is safe. And to be careful with the big waves which can turn the boat, or have broach. And just be careful and to enjoy it, if that is possible. The other day was good.

I thought it would be colder than it is. We are very lucky with the weather but we have a lot of clothes. We have different layers to put on, but we have had only a few days of cold. The other thing is the humidity. It is annoying because even if you are no cold you feel cold because it is always wet. And sometimes it is raining inside the boat.

Ranking at 14:00 UTC:
1. Cheminées Poujoulat (Bernard Stamm – Jean Le Cam) 10278.4 nm Distance to Finish
2. Neutrogena (Guillermo Altadill – Jose Muñoz) 1118.5 nm Distance to Lead
3. GAES Centros Auditivos (Anna Corbella – Gerard Marin) 1217.4 nm DTL
4. Renault Captur (Jörg Riechers – Sebastien Audigane) 1465.3 nm DTL
5. We Are Water (Bruno Garcia – Willy Garcia) 2534.9 nm DTL
6. One Planet One Ocean / Pharmaton (Aleix Gelabert – Didac Costa) 3285.2 nm DTL
7. Spirit of Hungary (Nandor Fa – Conrad Colman) 3981.0 nm DTL
Hugo Boss (Alex Thomson – Pepe Ribes) Abandon

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Background: The third edition of the Barcelona World Race is the only double-handed, non-stop, round the world race. Eight IMOCA 60 teams started December 31, 2014, with the intent to cover 23,450 nautical miles in a circumnavigation from Barcelona to Barcelona, putting the capes of Good Hope (South Africa), Leeuwin (Australia) and Horn (Chile) to port and the Antarctic to starboard. The finishes are forecasted for the end of March 2015.

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