Is Bermuda mellowing the America’s Cup?

Published on April 7th, 2015

There was a time in America’s Cup lore when there was only one objective: win. It wasn’t about entertainment, it was about victory. Nobody gave a rat’s ass about it being a close competition. The bigger delta the better, television audience be damned.

But now, the objective for the 35th America’s Cup is to be good theater.

Produce a worthy show to attract fans and sponsors. Have the boats be near-equal to insure close racing. Minimize any performance advantage gained from large budgets. Make the pitch fair and level, play the game, and spray champagne when it’s over.

How times change!

The recent switch from AC62s to AC48s was a move in this direction. The decision was supported by the Brits and the French, which needed a cheaper boat, while the Swedes – which might be the richest challenger – just wanted to help their competitors.

No word yet if there is a new sportsmanship award.

Now we hear that the defender Oracle Team USA will provide their America’s Cup Class yacht design to the France and will collaborate with the French challenge. Is this what George L. Schuyler meant when he deeded the trophy to be a “friendly competition between foreign countries.”

Is Bermuda mellowing the America’s Cup? The only aspect of this event that resembles the past are the Dark ‘n’ Stormys being poured.

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