Building Memories: The Real Value of the Sport

Published on April 30th, 2015

The Newport to Ensenada Race was launched in 1948, becoming one of the iconic west coast events. It gets you offshore, it gets you to another country, but at 125nm, you don’t spend much time doing either. Plus going from California to Mexico is an adventure like sitting down on a toilet with the seat up is an adventure. Everyone survives as long as they’re careful.

The 68th edition on April 24 was highly anticipated. Entries had been suffering as the border region endured a period of violence, but numbers were again over 200. People were again up for the adventure. While the wind didn’t cooperate this year, that doesn’t hasten the real value of the sport: building memories.

Here Keith Magnussen shares his memory…
The chosen ride for this race is the J-125 Timeshaver. Owner, Viggo Torbensen, stresses competitive racing but at the same time a good fun atmosphere. Sailing programs vary from boat to boat so it is important to feel out each team and understand their respective vibe.

There is nothing worse than being on a boat for an extended period of time with people who are not enjoyable to be around. We are lucky to race on a boat that requires a sailor to be good yet remember the main goal is fun and adventure.

Ensenada is a great place to visit. From fantastic restaurants to the wine country tours, there is something for everyone. I highly recommend the taco place next to the legendary Hussong’s Cantina. Everything is good. Take your time and adventure around you will not regret it.

My time was spent winding down from not sleeping and enjoying a good meal. Hearing the stories around town is an interesting experience. Everyone comes away with a life changing moment or a harrowing tale.

Keep in mind I am talking about the bulk of racers who look forward to this race and spend time in the town. There are the boats that turn and burn, the professionals who vacate immediately, but the core of the racers stay to extend their experience.

The big boats might get the spotlight but the other guys make the race!

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