Antigua hosts Optimist North American Championship 2015

Published on July 12th, 2015

The Optimist North American Championship 2015 was hosted by Antigua Yacht Club in English Harbour on July 7-12, attracting 162 entrants representing 23 countries: Argentina, Belize, Bermuda, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA, US Virgin Islands and Antigua.

Final Results – Optimist North American Championship (Overall)
1. Yi Nian Koh (SIN)
2. Teddy Nicolosi (ISV)
3. Massimo Contessi (ARG)

Final Results – Optimist North American Championship (North America)
1. Teddy Nicolosi (ISV)
2. Rocco Falcone (ANT)
3. Emma Cowles (USA)

Top Girl: Emma Cowles (USA)
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The racing schedule included the Team Racing Championship on July 9, which comprised of two parallel events: the North American Team Racing Championship, for teams representing North America; and the Nations Cup, for teams from other continents. There were 13 teams in each.

North American Team Racing Championship
Emma Cowles, Luke Arnone, Zane Rodgers, Thomas Hall and Ripley Shilley, members of team USA 1, are the newly crowned North American Team Race Champions. They had lost race 23 against team 1 of US Virgin Islands, and had to go through the longer route to the finals beating fellow country team USA 2 and Netherlands Antilles, while ISV waited for them. Already in the finals, the first race was for USA, but life was not going to be easy, as they had to face a strong and compact ISV team that would not allow them to take control of the race. In the third, however, USA lead the positions from beginning to end.

Final Results
1. USA 1; Emma Cowles, Luke Arnone, Zane Rodgers, Thomas Hall and Ripley Shilley
2. ISV 1; Teddy Nicolosi, Julian van Driessche, Mateo Di Blasi, Mia Nicolosi and Victoria Flatley
3. USA 2; Carmen Cowles, Sam Gavula, Sarah Burn, Connor Mraz, TJ Danilek
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Nations Cup Team Racing Championship
In the Nations Cup, it was Singapore who made it to the finals through the shortcut, winning race 23 against Argentina 1. The race was a difficult one for Singapore, who finished tied in points but won the match because they hadn’t crossed the finish in first place. To get to the finals Argentina had to face their neighbours Chile 1, and the holders of the individual World Championship Title, Switzerland and only then arrived at the finals. Once there, Singapore made it clear that they were not going to give an inch away, and won the required two races in a row. View grid

Final Results
1. SIN; Yi Nian Koh, James Koh, Daniel Ian Toh, Muhammad Daniel Kei Yazid, Jodie Lai
2. ARG; Massimo Contessi, Iván Luppi, Juan Pablo Grosso, Felipe Cosentino, José Augusto Rother
3. CHI 1; Benjamín Fuenzalida, Dante Parodi, Alfredo Urzúa, Sebastián Fuenzalida, Elisa Ducasse
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