Team Horowitz wins Flying Scot Midwinters

Published on April 7th, 2016

Panama City, FL (April 7, 2016) – The fleet saw a perfect day of sailing out of St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club for the final day of the Flying Scot Midwinters 2016. With temperatures in the 70’s and a sunny day, the race committee started an hour early to get in as much racing as possible. There were lots of smiling faces and handshakes before racing. The first place Challenger boat through day 3 is called “Flying Fox”, and one of the close competitors temporarily gave his boat a new name “Fox Hunter”, that skipper has a great sense of humor.

Sailing out to the race course the competitors saw a 5-7 knot Westerly wind that picked up a little and died down a little the day went on. Reaching the race committee the racers thought the start would have with the wind from the west, but just a few minutes before the 11:30 start, the sea breeze came in from the South and picked up a little. The Race Committee rose the postpone flag and quickly moved the course.

The postponement down, the fleet eventually started the first race with 8-10 knots of wind. Several boats went far right and several went far left. Seems like the far left boats made out a little on the far right boats. The second leg the fleet experienced a wind shift and going left before tacking right was the better way to go.

As soon as the Challenger fleet finished the first race, the Race Committee was all set to start the second race for Championship fleet, wasting no time. The second race was run in 10-11 kt winds, both sides of the course worked for the lead boats, coming together at the gates was interesting with most wanting to get to the left gate, but some yielding and going to the right gate to avoid the traffic. At the end of the race the signal for no more racing today was shown, so the fleet had a nice spinnaker run into the club to start getting packed up for the trip home.

Mike Douglas, son of long time Flying Scot sailor and St. Andrews Bay member Allen Douglas, awarded the Allen Douglas sportsmanship award to Henry Picco. The award is voted on by the participants in the regatta and is a great honor to win this award. It is well deserved by Henry who is always lending a hand and always a gentleman to everyone around him.

On to the regatta trophies, the top 5 Championship teams were Zeke and Jay Horowitz, Mike & Jennifer Faugust, Ned Johnston & Ryan Donohue, Harry Carpenter & Tyler Andrews and John Eckart & Roger Sharp. The top 5 Challenger teams were Andy and Doug Fox, Rob Vogel & Patrick Connell, Randy Adophs & David Zentmeyer, Larry Bigus & William Mendel and Frank Vandall & Patty Copeland.

Chris Reiss and her regatta crew and William Zehner and his Race Committee at St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club ran a great event. Many people remarked it was good to come “home” to Panama City. Congratulations to all participants.

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