Joe Harris: Tying the Knot

Published on April 12th, 2016

Aboard his Class40 GryphonSolo2, American Joe Harris departed Newport (RI) on November 15 in a bid to break the 40 Foot Monohull Solo Non-Stop Round the World Record. That plan, however, got derailed with a detour to Cape Town to repair his energy systems and another pit stop in Uruguay due to hull damage. Joe provides an update on April 12…

As we approach Salvador, Brazil – although 280 miles offshore – the sailing is fast, warm and wet with 20k winds on the beam propelling GS2 at 10 knots through the water and blue water coming over the bow and back to the cockpit. Our course has converged and finally crossed our outbound course (see tracker) so we have “tied the knot” as they say in terms of completing the circumnavigation from a technical perspective.

This is a cool achievement that merits a moment’s pause for appreciation. Obviously the goal is to get back to Newport and cross the original start line off Castle Hill, but it is still interesting to note the crossing of our track from the outbound leg and thinking back to where my head was at back in December versus today in April.

Seems like so long ago, when the goal was to get south down the coast of South America and gradually arc to the East toward the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Now the goal is to get North to Recife and gradually turn left towards Newport…identifiable progress and I am a more experienced ocean warrior for the miles!

So with under 400 miles to go to the turning mark at Recife, I would like to have a little fun and introduce the “Team One Newport – Guess the time of GS2 finish in Newport” contest.

Team One Newport is providing great prizes for first through fourth place and we hope that many of you out there in GS2 Nation who have been loyally following our progress will take a few minutes and do some rough math and throw your dart on to the board for a finish date. For guidance, Commanders Weather has thrown their dart conservatively at May 5th – but there are many factors that will come into play that could effect that ETA. After rounding the Bulge the GS2 website will display the real-time estimated arrival.

So take a moment, review the info, and send in your guess for the finish time and hopefully it will make this last leg “down the home stretch” that much more fun and exciting.

Full details here:

Background: As a result of Joe’s 11-day detour to Cape Town (Dec 28-Jan 8), and his 10-day pit stop in Uruguay (Mar 22-31), Joe is no longer able to officially break the existing non-stop record of 137 days, 20 hours, 01 minute, 57 seconds – set by Chinese sailor Guo Chuan in 2013. However, he remains committed to completing the journey. Website:

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